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(Supporters’ comments following those in our Election Issue)

Pastor Lee says …
In a few short days, we will have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important events of our collective lives. We have political choices to make that will affect millions of people in our beloved country and around the world.

I am excited about our choices. Let me tell you about two of mine.

For president, I am going to vote for Barack Obama. In spite of words to the contrary, we probably know more about him than most presidential candidates.

Born into poverty, he was educated in one of the finest universities in America and graduated at the top of his class. He made a commitment to a life of service when he could have opted for a life of opulence. He’s a person who will “practice what he preaches"—a person with a strong faith (in this case a Christian faith), a strong family ethic, a gift of eloquence with superior intelligence, and a head full of ideas on how to build a better society.

For Congress, I am voting for Jeff Morris. He has proven to be a person with the skill of getting things done and knowledge of the economic and environmental issues of Northern California, and I’m comfortable that he will not just show up at events where he will be certain of a good photo op. It is time to tell Wally Herger that he has been around long enough and that his blind following of the safe positions must give way to real leadership.

Fred W. Lee

Editor’s note: Fred Lee, a retired Lutheran clergyman, is chairman of the Democratic Action Committee of Chico.

Supervisor Kirk says …
The high visibility of the presidential campaign has dwarfed some very important local issues. The open seat on the Chico Unified School District board affects every Chicoan—our children, grandchildren, economy, quality of life, and the desirability of living in Chico.

The seat needs to be filled by someone who understands not only the immediate issues of our district, but the future challenges that the district will face. I support Elizabeth “Liz” Griffin as the person most qualified to help solve present and future challenges.

Liz has been an educator for over 20 years. Her priorities are to ensure that all children know how to read before leaving third grade, and that vocational and fine arts be restored to the curriculum. The success of our schools should be measured not only by standardized test scores, but by the ability of Chico’s children to graduate and fulfill their dreams.

Liz is a realist and knows that change happens gradually. I believe that she is the best candidate to fill the vacancy on the school board and that Jann Reed should be re-elected.

For the Chico Area Recreation District board, please join me in voting for Jerry Hughes and re-electing Mark Sweany.

The present board is excellent and it is blessed with an outstanding general manager. Jerry was the general manager from 1972 to 1991 and he has continued his involvement. He has experience with the challenges of funding our recreation facilities and will be an excellent addition to the CARD board.

Maureen Kirk

Editor’s note: Maureen Kirk represents District 3 on the Butte County Board of Supervisors.

Sustainable Schwab
We are writing this letter of support for Ann Schwab’s candidacy for re-election to the Chico City Council. We’ve known Ann from Bidwell Park, witnessing both her enjoyment of recreating in the park and watching her stewardship to protect and improve one of Chico’s most valuable natural resources.

Ann’s work on the city’s Sustainability Task Force is commendable. She understands the importance of getting Chico to take sustainable actions that have citywide benefits for Chicoans—like supporting alternative transportation projects such as the under crossing through Annie’s Glen, benefiting pedestrians and bicyclists alike; installing a nationally recognized solar project at the city’s wastewater treatment plant, and protecting Chico’s future through comprehensive planning in the general plan update process.

We need her effective leadership and experience to guide and preserve the values we’ve come to love about living, working and playing in Chico.

Kris Zappettini and Brad Glanville

During my long career I have had the opportunity to work with many local elected officials in more than 100 communities. I believe Ann Schwab is among the very best.

I support her for City Council because she is looking out for the future of Chico. Her efforts in promoting sustainability will mean that Chico will be able to grow in a resource-efficient manner that will enable it to maintain its many wonderful features.

As my conservative Midwestern parents might have said, sustainability is living within your means and not wasting what you or others have. Ann is on the right track.
Bob Odland


Sensible Sarsour
I see no one who represents more common ground, more unity, and is more approachable than Ali Sarsour.

He is a gentle heart and speaks from traditions of wisdom. I support Ali Sarsour for City Council; hope you will, too.

Vicki Artzner

I’ve known Ali Sarsour for many years. He’s been a friend to my children and grandchildren for most of their lives. No person has done more to care about the people of Chico through service on city commissions, leadership on the Area Interfaith Council, and simply sharing his delicious cooking.

If every community had an Ali Sarsour, there would be more understanding among people and the complex problems we all must face. I urge people to vote for him on Nov. 4. He’s the wise “uncle” every family needs.

Linda Furr

Former City Councilman Dave Guzzetti commented at a recent fund-raiser that Ali is the best candidate to replace the voice that David himself once offered from the council chambers. I couldn’t agree more.

It’s important that we restore a full balance to the City Council this year with a candidate who will protect our environment and provide an additional measure of social conscience to that policy-making body.

Good people serve on the current council. Let’s add to that a progressive voice for our community in the year of Barack Obama. David Guzzetti is right: We need Ali Sarsour on the City Council.

Tom Haithcock

Experienced Reed
I urge voters to re-elect Jann Reed to the Chico Unified School District Board of Trustees. She is currently board president, and with the difficult financial times ahead, we are fortunate this experienced school board member is seeking another term.

Jann Reed is very capable: she is smart, a good listener, responsive and researches the issues. I join with the Chico News & Review and Chico Unified Teachers Association in endorsing Jann Reed.

Kimberlee Candela

Energetic Griffin
Liz Griffin was my student teacher and colleague at Chico High School nearly 20 years ago. She is a highly intelligent, extremely energetic person who never turned away from a problem or failed to search for a solution. She is direct, very quick to perceive the basic issues involved in conflicts and to search for workable solutions.

Liz is outgoing, friendly and likeable as a person, but she never hesitates to assert her views on important issues and to fight for her beliefs even when she knows them to be unpopular or controversial. As a new teacher Liz was innovative and creative in her approach to curriculum from the start of her career. The enthusiasm and energy that she always brings to anything she attempts is matched by very few.

Liz would make an effective and dynamic member of the Chico Unified School District Board of Trustees. She will work tirelessly toward bringing sound educational programs to Chico’s school children and will provide a voice of reason and experience to our community’s educational establishment.

Les Fredrickson

‘Morris is our guy’
A recent Redding [Record-Searchlight] article on the campaign contributions received by the 2nd Congressional [District] candidates was very telling. Wally Herger’s huge war chest came from big businesses and insurance companies. Jeff Morris’ modest contributions came from individual folks.

I am reminded of the story of David and Goliath. The polls were not in David’s favor, yet it took only a single slingshot. It was done without money and power, but with courage, against all odds. Jeff is the first candidate to face Herger in decades who could pull this election out of the bag.

Herger has cruised from election to election without so much as lifting a finger. He has been hip-to-hip with Bush and his failed politics for the last eight years. Why do we think he will suddenly have the capacity to think and problem-solve in a fresh, innovative way now, when he has had no habit of doing that for 22 years?

It’s like we the voters are in a dysfunctional relationship, where we stay with someone who is not good for us, but is familiar at least, and so, oh well, we keep voting for him, thinking it will get better. Well, it won’t. People don’t change like that.

I urge you to be awake when you vote, be very thoughtful, party lines be damned. I believe Jeff Morris is our guy. Let’s do it!

Candace Palmo

‘We need Brown’
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Charlie Brown is a candidate for the 4th Congressional District. After graduating from the Air Force Academy, Charlie served in every military conflict from Vietnam to Desert Storm.

Charlie has lived in this congressional district (Roseville) for 16 years. For half of that time, Charlie has been on the professional staff of the Roseville Police Department, and he was also elected to two terms as vice president of the Roseville Police Association.

Charlie is an advocate for veterans’ rights, seniors, middle-class families and the environment. He will be a leader in Congress; he has experience getting results and solving problems.

We need to elect Charlie Brown to Congress Nov. 4.

Kathleen Gramsgibbs