Letters for September 1, 2011

Proud of Pride Weekend

I was incorrectly listed as one of the co-coordinators for this year’s Stonewall Chico Pride event. I would like to give credit to the team of people who worked very hard to bring Chico and Butte County this amazing weekend full of pride, entertainment, community and celebration.

Jackey Humphrey-Straub is this year’s event coordinator and has worked extremely hard to make Stonewall Chico Pride a success. Additionally (in no particular order) Teal Horsman, Cris Monarrez, Katrina Craton-Rayburn, Jessica Erdahl, Dan Whitehead, Jef Inslee, Tom Wright, Tom Kelem, Jillian Ruddell and Maia Illa have all worked in collaboration to make this weekend’s event one to remember.

Aydin Kennedy

An an “ally” of the LGBTQQIA community, I am heartened to see this year’s Pride celebration right downtown in City Plaza.

This past year at Chico Green School, the most commonly asked-for club by the students was a Gay-Straight Alliance. We’ve come such a long way in achieving equal rights and dignity for all. Don’t stop the fight, and know that many organizations and individuals, like those of us at Chico Green School, are on your side!

David Gomez Orneallas

Chico Green School

Just expressing themselves

Re “Gay-rights group upset over refused service” (Newslines, by Vic Cantu, Aug. 25):

I have not rented equipment from these guys [Jump 4 Joy] but have been to parties where people have. They have always been professional and courteous.

I felt I needed to write this to set a few things straight. They have the right to refuse service to anyone, and they are standing up for what they believe in. Just the same as the gay community that lives in Chico.

That there are people in this community that would deny these people (Jump 4 Joy) their rights to express their beliefs is disgusting. This is America; people have died so everybody could live their lives and express themselves in whatever manner that they see fit, agreeable or disagreeable.

If by some chance you feel you have the moral authority to tell others how to live their lives and what it is they can and cannot believe in, then I would suggest you take a long look in the mirror, pack your bags and then move to a place more conducive to your line of thinking.

Stan V. Smith

Green School will never die

Re “Charter school, interrupted” (Newslines, by Leslie Layton, Aug. 25):

So long as there are those who wish to enroll (and that number goes higher and higher), Chico Green School will exist in one form or another. There is no other way. These students have tasted good education, and are craving the time they had at CGS.

Ryan Shidyak

Take responsibility, Chico!

Re “Playing the field” (Cover feature, by Meredith J. Graham, Aug. 11):

I was saddened at the state of Chico public schools’ P.E. programs as described. When I was a kid, we collected book bags and school supplies for poor kids in Africa and South America. Maybe today we can hope that some elementary school in India will hear about us and hold a bake sale to buy and send volleyball nets to the poor kids in Chico.

Come on, Chico! Take responsibility, and hold your elected representatives responsible, for making our public institutions strong again.

Lisa Williams

Alternatives to booze ban

I have a simple solution to all holiday river floats, and alcohol. Instead of banning alcohol for us everyday locals, double the fines for underage drinking on those days. Or inform students that they can be placed on academic probation or even expelled for alcohol-related offenses.

I am sure a senior at Chico State might not like being expelled the last semester of school for getting in a fight on Beer Can Beach over the Labor Day weekend.

That’s easier than banning all of us from having a beer while enjoying an extra day or just a day off from work on the river.

Charles Silva

A path to better care

Re “Why not Medicare for all?” (Guest comment, by Ed Schilling, Aug. 25):

Thank you, Ed Schilling and CN&R, for the excellent guest comment. Now if we could just have Ed’s comment in all of our newspapers, we could have better care and improve our budget woes without raising taxes. Hopefully our politicians have not completely sold out to the ever-greedy for-profit insurers! As Ed concludes, “California needs SB 810—health care for all, publicly financed and privately delivered.”

Marianna Love

Walmart is a good fit

Re “Walmart not a good fit” (Letters, by Mary Carlisle, Aug. 18):

Walmart is actually a good fit for Paradise. I agree, Paradise is most appealing to all of us. The lovely, locally owned shops will be here to stay. You see, Mary, if you had done your homework you would have figured this out for yourself.

Paradise’s appealing shops are antique stores, personal wear and equipment stores, real estate, personal help (i.e.; self-help, lawyers, real estate, estate planning and home and business repair). We also have a number of excellent eating establishments. None of these establishments conflict with services offered by Walmart.

Yes, some high-end, overpriced establishments like Safeway and Holiday Markets will suffer; however, they deserve it. They have held us hostage to their over-priced products for too long.

I wonder why is it you liberals always have to bad-mouth Walmart. I think the American labor unions have you “buffaloed.” Walmart gives its employees a decent wage and in most cases benefits that fit the current economy and area they live in. It also allows seniors and women with children choices to the hours they work to fit their family obligations. Walmart supplies products at a price that is compatitable with the current population’s income.

Last but not least, Walmart will be the gateway to Paradise like Home Depot is the gateway to Chico. Currently Paradise’s gateway, as you perceive it, is a piece of vacant land that is an eyesore with rotten shrubbery, puny, skinny trees, and dirty rocks. Anything short of a gravel pit, would be a blessing. Walmart’s beautiful architectural design and landscaping proposal will not degrade our so-called “gateway.”

Ed Neves

Re-elect Obama

As we look toward 2012, Republican challengers for the U.S. presidency are on prominent display. Two formidable female candidates, Palin and Bachmann, view with Gingrich, Perry, Romney, Paul and others in attempting to make Barack Obama a one-term president. Certain left-wing elements are ready to help bring Obama down by insidious communications regarding his record as president.

What these folks ignore is the outstanding ability and steady hand of our president in his first term in office. His accomplishments have largely gone unsung, but they are apparent to those who pay attention. Among them: (1) winding down the misbegotten war in Iraq; (2) prosecuting the Afghanistan war toward its conclusion; (3) supporting gay rights; (4) restoring America’s image around the world; (5) banning torture of war prisoners; (6) stopping the free fall of the American economy; (7) putting America back in the multilateral international community; (8) supporting education reform; (9) moving terrorist trials back into the American judicial of checks and balances; (10) starting the process of health-care reform; (11) stopping the free fall of job losses; (12) making tough military decisions and defending them brilliantly; (13) winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is a partial record of the man we elected three years ago, who has returned the U.S. to world respectability. He has kept his promises and his positive attitude and deserves re-election in 2012. Let’s work together to keep this astute leader and his exemplary family in the White House for a second term.

Robert Woods

Rudy in New York

Re “Remembering Rudy” (From This Corner, by Robert Speer, June 23):

Rudy [Giscombe] and I were good friends since high school. We use to hang out and go to Latin dances in New York. What you might not know about Rudy is that he was a great salsa dancer and admired by many of the ladies.

Rudy and I stayed in contact until he became a Marine. Later I would run into him in Harlem and we would hang out again. Yes, he had a great smile and great laugh. Yes, he could be the joy of the party, but he could be very serious in a good way.

Rudy belonged to a young party group called the GQs. They gave dances, booked dance halls and hired musicians. The average age of the group was 16. Rudy had a leadership role.

I was surprised to hear of Rudy’s passing and saddened, but based on your article he seemed to have had a great life. Rudy will be missed by many, but for me, to have known him will be the greatest gift Rudy gave to me, and I know this gift will remain with me until my judgment day arrives.

Everett Person
Pomona, N.Y.