Letters for October 18, 2018

Imbecilic empire

Watching Trump’s imbecilic interview on 60 Minutes telling us that only material wealth is important and all other human values are trivial, I slipped into a reverie of my freshman days in college and my world history course.

Trump is obviously setting himself up to “Cross the Rubicon” just as Caesar did when he established himself as dictator of Rome for life. But is this really the history we are seeing repeated, or is it Nero fiddling while Rome burned?

In his penthouse lounges, Trump fiddles his own off-key compositions as his eunuchs, McConnell and Graham, lounging at his side, tell him how beautiful his music is and feed him gold coins. Statistics suggest that 24 years from now none of the three will be around to hike up their togas as the seawater—fetid with the remains of our once-productive oceans—swirls around the table legs of the ocean-view restaurant at Mar-a-Lago.

But our grandchildren will and they will undoubtedly wonder why in hell those of us educated citizens allowed such an imbecile to run this civilization into the dirt. Our social problems do not lie with the “Me Too” movement, they lie in our promoting a “Me First” rationale to life.

Dean Carrier


Readers’ endorsements

I have Republican, Democrat and independent friends and none of them will vote for Doug LaMalfa. They all know that LaMalfa only cares about enriching himself.

How can LaMalfa and the Republican Congress be against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which protects all women from domestic violence, stalking and date rape.

What makes him just not care about women’s safety? Also, he actually does not care about veterans either, except for a photo opportunity, because he voted to reduce the benefits that are due to our veterans.

Congressional District 1, including Butte County, has a very significant population of poor families with children, and LaMalfa has voted to also cut their benefits. Please vote for Audrey Denney, who will actually work for the people in our area.

John Scott

Butte Valley

It’s a very sad thing to see someone as hard-working and genuinely interested in civic service as Ms. Audrey Denney being bushwhacked in her run for Congress by none other than her own party.

Today’s Democratic party has devolved into a screaming, hate-filled, chaos-loving mob, which few if any rational voters want to see in power. The disgusting tactics used by the Democrats in the attempted [character] assassination of our new Supreme Court justice made it clear that the Democrats care absolutely nothing about due process nor the rule of law, only obstruction and vitriolic nasty politics.

Editors and staff of the CN&R have also thrown their lot in with the mob, further strengthening and energizing local Republican voters, who, at any rate, have a substantial majority in District 1.

While I admire Ms. Denney’s efforts and grit, I, like most others in the district, will be voting for Doug LaMalfa. Nobody wants the House in the hands of radicals like Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, of which Ms. Denney, if elected, would most certainly be forced to swear allegiance to this wild-eyed Democrat mob. It’s simply too dangerous for the republic, or this district, to take the chance.

Mike Birch


I am a proud fourth-generation farm owner in the North State. My great-grandfather, a 21-year-old German immigrant, started our family farm in 1854 next to the Sacramento River in Glenn County. Our family has farmed it for the past 164 years and plans to continue that for at least four more generations.

A recent scientific report by UC researchers titled “Climate Change Trends and Impacts on California Agriculture: A Detailed Review” was published on Feb. 26, 2018. This detailed report describes how our warming temperatures will significantly decrease crop yields in the future, including Butte County’s top two agricultural crops, walnuts and almonds.

Doug LaMalfa denies that the climate is warming due largely to our burning of fossil fuels. His denials are a danger to finding effective solutions to crop yield challenges for future generational farmers and their ability to have successful agricultural businesses.

Audrey Denney is the congressperson we need to represent the North State. She has the vision, ideas and courage to address the serious issues affecting farms today and to keep them sustainable for the future. Support our farms and vote for Audrey Denney for Congress.

Roger Steel


U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa’s latest political ad on local radio makes it a point to say he’s working hard for veterans. As a 26-year veteran, I’ve got good reason to take exception to this false claim.

For the past several years, I’ve tracked LaMalfa’s co-sponsorship of legislation intended to benefit our military. His performance has been dismal at best.

The latest report from the independent Military Officers Association of America (moaa.com) reveals LaMalfa is currently (as of Oct. 15) co-sponsoring only two of 10 key bills affecting our military.

LaMalfa has signed his name to co-sponsor only HR 299 and 3897. He has failed to get behind HRs 303, 333, 1384, 92, 93, 102, 846 and 5125.

Of course, it takes real guts to step out ahead of most others and show your early support of these bills. Unless a bill garners enough co-sponsors, it is unlikely to get out of committee and reach the House floor for a full vote by all members.

When you vote in November’s election, keep in mind that not every claim heard in campaign ads is truthful. Check out the facts and get informed.

Dare I say, hypocrisy abounds during a political campaign.

Peter Stiglich


Don’t sit this one out! Discouraged by mean-spirited politics, locally and nationwide? This crucial election could turn it around! Deadline to register to vote: Monday, Oct. 22. Get voter registration cards at DMV or Democratic Headquarters: 455 E. 20th St. (20th and Fair).

Are you concerned for the people who are just trying to get by—priced out of renting a home, immigrant deportations, family separations, struggling students, racist policies, affordable health care, a living wage? Are you concerned about climate change, about protecting North State water, about the health of our planet Earth home? I urge you to support these candidates: Audrey Denney for Congress—replace Doug LaMalfa, rice-farmer millionaire, rich on government subsidies to wealthy farmers while voting against food stamps for the hungry.

Sonia Aery opposing Jim Gallagher for state Assembly. For a compassionate, open-minded, competent Chico City Council—Alex Brown, Rich Ober, Scott Huber. Don’t be confused by big shiny mailers and confusing TV ads! Mostly, those are paid for by big-money interests. Vote the opposite: no on 6, yes on 8, yes on 10. Help Nov. 6 become the day it all begins to turn around!

Emily Alma


Let’s cut to the chase. Congressman Doug LaMalfa is cheap: He uses taxpayers’ money for a campaign mailer; PAC money financed a TV attack ad against his congressional campaign opponent, Audrey Denney. He votes to cut funding for SNAP while he has a mouthful of taxpayer money; $5.2 million in government subsidies for his family farm.

LaMalfa’s TV attack ad is narrated by a one-term, incompetent, deceitful and partisan Chico city council member, Reanette Fillmer, who besmirches one of her own constituents with a sneering attitude; it’s ironic that she accuses Audrey Denney of supporting a $1.5 trillion tax hike when it’s Congressman LaMalfa that voted to add $1.5 trillion to the deficit.

Audrey Denney does not believe in irresponsible tax legislation; she does believe it is wrong that the Republican House, including LaMalfa, has voted numerous times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. She believes that people have a right to feel that we are a compassionate country that looks out for one another, helping make sure that people have health care, shelter, food an education and a living wage. It’s what America is. LaMalfa has other priorities. Vote for American values. Vote for Audrey Denney on Nov. 6.

Roger S. Beadle


Voters in our area are blessed with several attractive candidates running for public office on Nov. 6.

First and foremost is Audrey Denney, who’s seeking a seat in Congress. Articulate, smart, refreshing and personable, she will superbly represent the diversity of interests found in our sprawling 11-county district.

Closer to home, three candidates for the Chico City Council stand head and shoulders above the rest: Andrew Coolidge, Matt Gallaway and Kasey Reynolds.

Representing a wealth of practical business experiences and a demonstrated love of Chico, their election to our City Council will assure fiscal prudence and a sensibly balanced approach to resolving the gnarly problems facing our community.

Thus, send Denney to Washington and elect Coolidge, Gallaway and Reynolds to City Hall. We will be superbly represented both near and far.

Charles Geshekter


The purpose of my letter is not to be nonpartisan. For Congress, I ask people to vote for Audrey Denney, as, among other things, she supports free college tuition and improved Medicare for All.

For Chico City Council, I recommend Scott Huber, Rich Ober and Alex Brown. These candidates are dedicated to ending homelessness in Chico and helping people with housing and getting mental health care for those who need it. A progressive City Council will allow for regulated dispensaries in Chico in order that people can buy marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. None of these candidates, including Audrey Denney, take corporate money and so they are not beholden to corporations.

The right to vote is something that people in our country put their lives on the line for. There are people who got killed for that right, and this happened in my lifetime. I was so inspired by the outpouring of young people marching for gun controls after the shootings at Parkland High School in Florida. Now let’s take this to the polls.

Walter Ballin


In the 1970s, I moved into the foothills. All these years, when there is an election, conservative candidates have large campaign signs along both sides of Highway 99 between Chico and the Butte College exit. This year, four conservative candidates—Doug LaMalfa, Kasey Reynolds, Matt Gallaway and Andrew Coolidge—not only have their signs for miles along the highway but each has also up put a sign right by the Welcome to Chico structure. I guess it is legal, but it demeans our city and seems overkill of the great advantage they already have.

Marvin Wiseley


As we approach the winter season, I become more and more concerned about our vulnerable citizens. We do have local agencies, the Jesus Center, the Torres Community Shelter and several other organizations who attempt to help these folks.

We also have what I call local heroes like Bob Trausch and Patrick Newman, who do their best to help this portion of our community. Something I rarely hear about because of limited media coverage is the group Youth 4 Change, which is based in Paradise, and our Chico affiliate 6th Street Center for Youth.

What these people attempt to do, without much help, is to provide services for homeless young people ages 14 to 24. They are in constant need of everything from personal care items to tarps and sleeping bags for this segment of our population. The majority of these kids have aged out of the foster care system and now have nothing to fall back on for support. The goal here is that they are not on the streets for decades to come.

If you believe this is a worthwhile goal, you can help. You can find out more by visiting the 6th Street center at 130 W. Sixth St. or calling 894-8008.

Ed Pitman


All about Lyme

Please focus on Lyme disease for one day in Chico and Butte County—Thursday, Oct. 25. Come learn about the disease at the free Annual Education Talk and Presentation at Enloe Conference Center, 1528 Esplanade, Chico from 6 to 8 p.m.

A special invitation goes out to all civic and county officials (Chico and Butte County), especially those elected or appointed. We also strongly encourage the following to attend: Butte County Department of Health, Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District, and local parks and recreation.

Many of those departments have supported the Lyme Education Projects by The Lyme Center (thelymecenter.org) and we are grateful!

Please Remember: The next Lyme disease patient (infected by tick bite) in Butte County might just be your family member, co-worker or your friend!

Working hard to get the word out—if not us, who?

Michael Judson-Carr


Abortion redux

Re: “Back and forth” (Letters, by Rich Meyers, Oct. 11):

Sen. Jon Kyl stated abortions were “over 90 percent” of Planned Parenthood’s (PP) business. PP and its supporters claimed “abortion is 3 percent of PP’s business.” Actually, both numbers are phony manipulated statistics. The senator lies up to curtail funding, and PP lies down to secure it.

I understand why PP downplays their role in abortions; it’s a divisive issue. But we’re entitled to the truth from any organization that wants public funds, just cause or not.

So Cal agri-business thinks the twin tunnels are a just-cause. Scary Clown thinks the Bullet Train is a just cause. So they lie about the effects on the Delta or the cost of the train to get taxpayer funds.

Everybody thinks theirs is a just cause. And so the truth becomes an unwanted guest at the public trough.

In researching for the honest numbers about PP, I came to disrespect them. Among other reasons, I believe their business model discourages neutrality and incentivizes client abortions. Aggressively selling a car is one thing, but aggressively selling an abortion is quite another and goes against my sensibilities.

Mr. Meyers, we both agree abortion is legal and it’s a woman’s right to choose. You like PP, I don’t. Get over it.

Peter Bridge

Ord Bend