Letters for July 29, 2004

Correction: In last week’s Chow article, “Nuts about Coco,” Coco Caffé co-owner Coral Love’s first name was misspelled in the story’s photo caption. The News & Review regrets the error and apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused.

A night to remember
Saturday evening my husband and I attended another great Shakespeare in the Park performance. I have seen A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream faithfully rendered by high-school, community and college theater groups, as well San Francisco’s ACT. I just want the Chico community to know that this production by the-oh-so talented Director Joyce Henderson is fantastic!Her adaptation of this theater standard from Elizabethan woods to the jungles of India is pure magic, generating exotic costumes, sets and music. The performers too seemed to thrive on this spicy adaptation. And while all the performances were wonderful, Troy Anthony Harris took over the stage like a shooting star. Many thanks to the Ensemble Theatre of Chico for creating such a night of entertainment under the oaks of Bidwell Park.

Trudy Duisenberg

Tax support?
At the Board of Supervisors meeting on July 17, a half-cent sales tax increase proposal was discussed. The projected $11 million annual revenue was purported to help subsidize the police, sheriff’s and fire departments. Many officers in uniform representing said departments gave short speeches in support of the tax increase, stating their needs and the priority of public safety. Representatives from the Butte County Taxpayers’ Association and the Butte County Libertarian Party, among others, argued against a tax hike.What was not seen was even more telling. Nobody—not one person in Butte County—showed up to express the need for more police, except the police themselves. Nobody vocally supported a tax hike, except the intended recipients. While the heartstrings were tugged at the thought of someone in need, the good people within the emergency services did not mention a single instance of incapability.

While I agree that these public-safety services are a priority and should be adequately funded, it is also my view that they already are. But if it is shown that they necessitate more funding, then by all means they should be funded. It is the Board of Supervisors’ job to allocate monies and to prioritize public funding. If they feel the need to exceed their $318 million budget by supporting social programs, then it’s they who need to re-prioritize.

Casey Aplanalp

Wild thing
In the ‘70s we saved the wild lands for future generations to enjoy. Now future generations are here and we scheme to keep them out.

Michael Jones

Legally speaking
Pursuant to law, Civil Code 48 (a) state of California, I am giving you a “notice & correction” on the [Newslines] article printed by your paper on July 15, 2004, Volume 27, Issue 52 by Devanie Angel entitled “Not-so-sweet dispute closes Honey Run Covered Bridge.” The article attempts to taint the opinions of the readers, mentioning the several court cases in which I have prevailed. I was acquitted on all counts alleging wrongdoing in a trial by judge. The Chico Unified School District restraining order was overturned in its entirety by the 3rd District Court.

I did the appeal in propria persona, in flesh and blood, of my own right (common law) without an attorney or corporate alter ego, fiction. Please reflect the accuracy and outcome of these events your paper brought forth! Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Gordon R. Dise
15th Judicial District/Butte

Editor’s note: When Mr. Dise came into the CN&R offices demanding a correction we told him to write a letter to the editor because the article was accurate, if not complete to Mr. Dise’s satisfaction. So we’ve printed a portion of his letter demanding a “correction.”

Aw, Dad, don’t
Parents tend to embarrass their children, and for this reason I must send this message anonymously and yet with purpose. The future is bright! How do I know this? I see it in the eyes of my sweet daughter. Her sense of kindness, honesty and respect. Her sense of humor and responsibility. Her curiosity, her eagerness to help others. And wow! What she has learned this year in kindergarten!

Her teacher, Mr. Bruce Luchessa at Emma Wilson Elementary, has watered and nurtured these qualities in my daughter and helped her blossom. I cannot thank him enough for his contribution to my daughter and to hundreds of other sons and daughters who will have a sound, positive start in life. In these cynical times, Mr. Luchessa sets the example of honor, integrity and humanity, which brings hope and brightness to our future. I am grateful to teachers such as Bruce Luchessa who help make our children, and thus our country, so wonderful. Honor teachers!


Prior commitment
My dad, Robert Allen Prior, who was mentioned in [the June 24] Sift/er, “Attorney-go-around,” [as having passed the bar way back in 1949,] is alive, well and still practicing law!

Bob attended Ohio State University, served in the artillery in World War II, then went to Stanford Law School. His law career has been mostly probate, and he’s also done corporate work. He worked for large companies and law firms, for Stanford, had several small practices, and served as a city councilman.

Virginia Watts followed Bob across the country when he was in the Army. They married on Sept. 1, 1943. Mom worked as a secretary and put my dad through law school. In 1950, they became parents of my sister, Robin, and I came along in 1953.

Your article described my dad as “one old stalwart,” which is fitting when it comes to the law and my mom. Born in Ohio, the two Hebron High School sweethearts will celebrate 61 years of marriage this year. My parents closed their last law office, moved to Chico in February 2002, and now have their own home-based business. Dad has a few clients; Mom does the books and prints documents. Virginia is still wondering when Bob’s going to really retire.

Currently, my dad is doing counseling for SCORE and for Legal Services of Northern California. One of his fellow workers at Legal Services shared with me that they appreciate Bob’s wealth of knowledge and experience. Fifty-five years in the law profession will do that for a guy!

Thanks for the “honorable mention” of my dad.

With great pride,

Cheri Prior