Letters for December 1, 2005

Whole story
Without discussing motives and intent I would like to point out there was some significant information left out of the story titled “Herger vows to fight on in Iraq” on page 11 of your Nov. 23 issue [Newlines]. I will assume that Rep. Herger’s quotes were presented correctly. What was left out was the fact that the resolution in question, House Resolution 571, was voted down with 403 no’s and only 3 ayes. More notable is the fact that Rep. John Murtha, who made the original “call” for withdrawal that “sparked the emergency vote,” voted against the resolution. Even ultra-liberal House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi voted against the resolution. Are we to assume that all comments in your story applied to Rep. Herger concerning his “stomach for a long, bloody and protracted war” should then also be applied to Rep. Murtha and Rep. Pelosi because they voted the same way as Rep. Herger. Please, let’s have all the facts from now on.

Thomas N. Hall

One ER please
There has been a proposal brought up several times of having two emergency rooms in Chico. This idea may minimally reduce noise levels in The Esplanade and may, as one of your letter writers noted, conform to typical zoning standards. Unfortunately, it very clearly would not save lives and without doubt it would cost them dearly. The safest place for a critically ill patient in any hospital system is in the emergency room, hence moving momentarily to the cardiac cath lab, operating room or intensive care unit. Splitting off the entry area from the other three makes no sense from a medical or a surgical standpoint. It would be perilous indeed.

Joseph A. Chiapella, M.D.

God help us
The CN&R has stooped (stumbled) to a new low [“Dildos 101,” Backbeat, Nov.10.]. Our society is saturated with sexually oriented magazines and papers—does the CN&R need to do the same? In the past I trusted that responsible editorship existed at your paper but not anymore.

At a time when many parents (like my wife and I) are trying to teach respect and restraint to our children concerning sexual behavior—your paper is illustrating and advertising “Dildo Passion Parties” in the center section of the paper including names and phone numbers for throwing such a party. Page 22 and 23 should have been reserved for Hustler magazine not a Chico weekly. Shame on you and your staff!!

You should stick to criticizing Bush and the military and stop trying to poison our children with your inappropriate articles that should be “X” rated. In the future I will preview any of your publications before my children do. God bless you; You need it!

Frank Zebley

Another Hustler
I was absolutely appalled and sickened when I opened the most current copy of the Chico News and Review and not only found an article about sex toys, but also saw colored pictures of them as well. This article was distasteful to say the least. And the fact that it was so craftily placed right in the middle section so that the paper actually falls open to the article is also disgusting.

This paper is not only free to the public, but is readily available to obtain regardless of age or gender.

Perhaps you should try to get on with Hustler magazine. That type of periodical may be more appropriate to your liking.

Barbara K. Munson

Funny paper
Your paper is laughable, and no more so than in your editor’s “Inside View” column of Nov. 17 in which he claimed, “I guess a president can trick the country into going to war, but he’d better not lie about having sex with an intern.” You forgot to mention the many infidelities that Clinton bozo laid on his country and his wife and child. And you permissively downplay his lies to the Grand Jury, a bona fide impeachable offense, but your paper is so laden with far-left liberal thinking that I question why I’m even writing this letter.

So often I hear you left-wingers insulting our commander-in-chief by calling him stupid, moronic and dumb. Yet he is gifted with an uncanny ability to “trick the country"? How’s he so wily? Using the same info that all the major intelligence agencies and Kerry, Kennedy, Clintons, Pelosi, Rockefeller et al were shouting about removing Hussein from his brutal dictatorship? Making a stand and sticking to it? Being firm? Standing his ground? You want Saddam still in power with his kids running those WMDs in a caravan to hide in Syria all over again??

I thought the last issue dealing with all those sex toys was very appropriate for you guys, since most of you do come across as a bunch of “dildos!” Here’s hoping that your advertisers shun you like the bird flu!

Jay Rocco
Paradise Pines

Be honest
It strikes me that reading an article on dildos is like having an abortion. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

There is the issue of one’s children being exposed to information that a parent does not feel is as yet appropriate. Exposure to inappropriate information is the price of a free society. One could hope for an “unfree” society or cloister your children in a closet for 18 years. Neither of these solutions is truly acceptable.

When I was raising my son and we stumbled upon “adult” information that I felt he was not ready for, I simply told him that it was grownup business and some day he would learn about it. He accepted this and we went on our way.

Funny how well honesty works.

Brad Sundeen
Red Bluff

Mounting trouble
E-gawd, talk about a horrific topic in an alternative paper: Dildos 101.

I usually read CN&R on Fridays while I eat Chinese (food not the people), and I gagged on the squid bits when I saw the two pages of colored dildos standing in rank across the centerfold like alien soldiers.

I was so disturbed and self-conscious by the sight of those … those … naughty things, I marched home and forced my wife to look at the disgusting photo.

Well, after much examination of both story and picture, my wife, obviously under much strain, poured a glass of wine, took a sip and then cooed: “How much is that purple one?”

Now ya gone and done it.

Ray Simmons

Startling omission
I’m shocked! How could the News & Review publish a pictorial on dildos and not include a photograph of Tom Gascoyne?

Tim Hansen