Let Lenny rule

Lenny Kravitz Sacramento Valley Amphitheatre Thursday, Aug. 29
Wearing a black fringed vest, a knit baby-blue scarf that nearly touched the ground, tight bell-bottom jeans, his rock star shades and an identifiable afro, Lenny Kravitz reminded concert-goers Aug. 29 that rock ‘n’ roll definitely is not dead.

Opening for Kravitz was an alternative rock band called Abandoned Pools, showcasing its hit single “Remedy,” off the album Humanistic. The band’s style proved unpredictable and funky, with strong drumbeats, a hint of punk, and an electric stage presence by the lead singer. The bass guitarist drew a lot of attention with her long blond dreadlocks and tough-girl vibe as she danced on stage and sang back-up vocals. The group performed a great 45-minute set and introduced their style to thousands of Kravitz’s fans.

Afterwards, an explosion of patriotic confetti kicked off the start of the headliner’s show. Almost immediately, fans got out of their seats and began grooving to jammed-out songs like “Rock & Roll Is Dead,” “Dig In,” “If I Could Fall” and “American Woman.” Dedicated fans were clothed in full “Leone attire” marked by newsboy caps, peasant blouses, 1970s-style sunglasses and feather boas. About halfway through the rocker’s energetic set, Kravitz joined his guitarist in what might best be described as a guitar ballet. Kravitz and the guitarist got down on their knees toward the corner of the stage and did their best to swoon the lucky women in the front row into a frenzied state.

The fashion-conscious video star ended the evening with his Grammy-winning single "Fly Away" and the melodic hit "Again," proving once again that his 10-plus years in the music business have produced flawless vocals, impressive guitar playing and riveting stage presence. Rock on.