Lady Antebellum

Need You Now

Country has enjoyed a recent upswing in mainstream popularity (arguably due to the very talented and very marketable Taylor Swift) and many of the new bands are bringing less twang. Regardless of whether this twang-less country trend is the chicken or egg of popularity, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Along with the pop that gets them played on adult alternative stations, groups like Lady Antebellum mix in blues, rock and jazz (not new additions to country), creating a sound more akin to early American music. “American Honey” has twinges of folk in the vocals but there is also a down-home, blues desire in the lyrics. On the flip side, “Stars Tonight” celebrates rock-star indulgences, yet with a few tweaks, it could easily pass as a Christian rock anthem. Each track brings a different slice of the American lifestyle. The standout track is actually the only song strictly rooted in country music. Fueled by whiskey and the desire for a connection despite past scars, “Need You Now” is the quintessential been-there, done-that tune. The inclusion of a country staple song gives hope that even if pop-country is a passing fad, the twang will survive.