KPAY news show saved

Public outcry inspires radio station to keep its local morning program

Local news-radio junkies will get their fixes after all. Following a public outcry, KPAY reconsidered its decision to replace its morning show with syndicated programming.

As reported in the CN&R, The Morning News & More was slated to give way to The Glenn Beck Program March 2 in a cost-cutting move. However, News Director Matt Ray said Tuesday, Deer Creek Broadcasting “made some budget adjustments and decisions to keep Christina Craven and Bruce Lang, and in doing so, we can keep our morning show on.”

General Manager Dino Corbin described the adjustments as “moving things around and budgeting optimistically—so we’re approaching this from a positive standpoint: ‘Let’s be aggressive and do what we do.’ “

Ray, who co-hosts the program with Kelly Sanchez, said last week’s announcement drew “a big public outcry, most of it good; some of it was ‘good riddance,’ but 95 percent of it was good.” He added: “A lot of the public support came from other news agencies in town that covered the story. While we’re all in competition, we all gather around each other in these hard times.”