Killing schools

Let public education go

A lot of people are out of work now because their basic training was invented, overseen, and approved by business. And because business can’t see into the future any better than you, it turns out that now they don’t need nearly so much of whatever the unemployed people used to do for money. When President Obama said we needed more science and math majors, he meant that businesses expect to need more people with those skills and want there to be so many people like that that they won’t cost much to hire. He’s the president.

So Let No Child Escape is designed to produce graduates at all levels who are useful for business, directly as a wage slave or indirectly as a teacher of the approved knowledge. Business often doesn’t know what’s good even for business, much less for the rest of us. Congress and other legislatures use and ignore ordinary people, steal our money, and hire more goons to keep us in compliance with ever-increasing restrictions on our lives. Hardly anything Congress votes on affects them directly except salary increases.

Some people despair of the lot of most people ever improving, and I can understand that. I’ve always assumed that the average person was a bit dim, and it seems that she may be insane, because she keeps giving the glad eye and her money to that lying sleazebag who never does what he said he would, and she keeps thinking he will next time for sure. Meanwhile her cupboard is bare and her teeth are falling out. She crazy.

The United States and California could save a boatload of money, give children their lives back, empower parents, decrease air pollution, and begin a cultural, political, and social renaissance in the United States by killing compulsory public education. Just kill it. The industrial model is dead meat and deserves to die. Pioneering dropouts and homeschoolers could be supported handsomely with the money being sucked up by administration and buildings. We could send the professionals home. They’ve followed their orders, and now they can do something else, maybe find somebody else’s orders to follow. Surely they’re smart enough to think of another way to make a living. People do it all the time.

Defunding public schools would add to unemployment. So what? Public policy and expenditure based on a number is what got us where we are. We can ignore the numbers. Yes, we can.

I don’t think we will, though. Killing public schools sounds fantastic to me because I can’t imagine Congress or any state legislature bucking all that pressure on them to stay out to lunch and leave things to the experts. It probably sounds like a fantasy to you, too, and that’s why it won’t happen. The kids could do it, though.