Hopes and Fears

“Sweetie?” “Yeah, baby?” “Where’s the Pottery Barn catalog?” “Honey, don’t you remember? It’s beneath those khakis you got at The Gap yesterday, in the laundry room!” “Hey babe, the wedding is in two weeks; we need to get that list of music to the DJ.” “What about that band from England?” “Mmm, I don’t know. Coldplay is a little too edgy for the wedding.” “Yeah, I see what you mean, that one guy really puts himself out there.” “Can’t go with Celine Dion either, though. Too cliché. Can’t be too alternative and piss off your uptight parents. … I’ve got it! U2!” “Nah. Too political, and the bass player likes to swing his thing all over album covers.” “Hey, there’s this other band not quite so hectic. They’re a trio—drums, piano, vocals? How crazy can that be? Can’t quite remember their name though…” “Choosing music that everyone will like is hard!” “We need something inoffensive that everyone can enjoy. You know, like sweet-smelling hand soap or playful, fluffy kittens…”