JC Chasez


It’s always refreshing to find an album that covers everything from pop to rock to reggae, which is exactly what JC Chasez’s new album does. JC, formally of *Nsync (or currently—no one’s really sure), takes you on a ride with his songs, from a club scene to an ’80s flashback and a desire to have someone to share his life with on “Build my world” to the heartbreak he’s felt in the past on “Dear Goodbye.” The disc’s soulful ballads don’t stray too much from his boy band days, but the rest of the album is something totally different. There isn’t an excessive amount of collaboration with other artists—all of the tracks were solos except for the remix of “Some Girls” which he did with Dirt McGirt (formerly known as Ol’ Dirty Bastard). A track with Justin Timberlake might have been good for album sales, but it wasn’t needed. JC shows here he can stand on his own.