Iraq War timeline

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3/19/03War begins.00
4/9/03Statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad is pulled down by U.S. tank.1152,063
4/11/03Commenting on looting, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says, “Freedom’s untidy.”1182,371
5/1/03President Bush lands on the USS Abraham Lincoln and declares “Mission Accomplished.”1374,145
5/29/03The BBC reports that intelligence on Iraq’s WMD capabilities was “sexed up.” President Bush tells Polish TV that WMDs were found.1694,703
7/3/03President Bush tells reporters, “There are some who feel like—that the conditions are such that they can attack us there. My answer is, bring ’em on.”2065,227
7/22/03U.S. forces kill Uday and Qusay Hussein in Mosul.2345,285
12/13/03U.S. forces capture Saddam Hussein in Tikrit.4577,801
2/22/04Knight Ridder reports that CIA officers are warning of possible civil war in Iraq.5449,119
3/24/04President Bush makes a humorous video for the Radio and Television Correspondent’s Association dinner that shows him searching for, and not finding, WMDs.5829,657
4/28/04Torture at Abu Ghraib, including graphic photographs, made public.71610,537
5/11/04Video of beheading of American contractor Nicholas Berg becomes public.76311,435
6/28/04Sovereignty of Iraq transferred to Iraqi interim government; President Bush writes, “Let freedom reign!”84912,210
11/2/04President Bush re-elected.1,11315,532
12/8/04Donald Rumsfeld: “You go to war with the Army you have. They’re not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time.”1,26916,917
5/30/05Vice President Dick Cheney tells CNN’s Larry King that the insurgency “is in the last throes.”1,64421,982
10/15/05Iraqi voters ratify draft of new constitution. 1,95828,38210/19/05Saddam Hussein’s trial in Baghdad begins.1,97030,322
12/15/05The United Iraqi Alliance, a Shiite party, wins a majority of seats in the Iraqi Assembly.2,15232,262
2/22/06The Golden Mosque in Samarra is badly damaged by a bombing.2,28034,366
3/19/06On the third anniversary of the war, President Bush promises “complete victory.” Time magazine publishes first report of the massacre of 15 civilians in Haditha by U.S. troops.2,31635,724
5/20/06Constitutionally elected Iraqi government sworn in.2,44938,593
6/8/06U.S. forces kill Abu Zarqawi in Baquba; Donald Rumsfeld calls his death “a significant victory in the battle against terrorism in the country.”2,48939,899
8/3/06Gen. John Abizaid tells Senate committee “it is possible that Iraq could move toward civil war.”2,58244,447
8/19/06Iraq war passes World War II in length of U.S. deployment.2,60745,131
10/6/06Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s military transport plane circles the Baghdad airport for 40 minutes because the airport is under attack. Later, she says Iraq is “making progress.”2,73649,127
11/7/06Mid-term elections put Democrats in a majority in both houses of Congress. Donald Rumsfeld resigns the next day.2,83951,531
12/6/06Iraq Study Group Report released. Among the items it recommends: engage neighboring nations in the peace process and avoid open-ended commitment of troops.2,91153,418
12/11/06The New York Times reports that administration officials think the Iraq Study Group Report is “impractical or unrealistic.”2,93353,743
12/30/06Saddam Hussein executed. Video of the execution shows him being taunted by political opponents before death.2,99554,767
1/2/07A survey by the Military Times finds that less than one-third of the troops approve of the president’s handling of Iraq.3,00154,913
1/10/07President Bush, in a televised speech, calls for a “surge” of 21,500 troops in Iraq.3,01155,418
2/18/07The Washington Post reports on neglect, filthy conditions for wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.3,138 57,418*
3/13/07*No confirmed counts are available after 2/7/07.

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