Into the real world

What are your peers thinking when it comes to jobs? What perks do they expect? Where do they want to work? And when do they plan to retire? KPMG, a network of accounting and consulting firms, was wondering the same thing. A recent survey of college business students shows what graduating seniors find most important in their first jobs.

57.4% Are looking for career opportunities; 22.1% are seeking a work/life balance; and 11.6% consider pay and benefits.

53.1% Plan to stay at their first job for three to five years; 21.8% plan to stay six to 10 years; 10.9% for one to two years; and 9.1% for their entire careers.

65.1% Believe they will be more successful than their parents.

43.8% Expect to work 50 hours per week; only 7.8% expect to work 40-hour weeks.

46.5% Would like to work abroad.


Brain Freeze

Among college freshmen, almost 20 percent practice no religion.