If life gives you citrus …

… make a refreshing sorbet with your oranges, lemons and grapefruit

In desserts, citrus is often brought in to help balance things out or bring out other flavors. Add some lemon zest to baked goods to cut the sweetness; put orange next to chocolate for a perfect marriage of contrasts. But when you want it to be the star of your sweet treat, it’s best to leave citrus as unencumbered as possible, and few desserts are as simple—and elegant—as sorbet. All you really need is orange (or lemon, or grapefruit) juice and sugar. The ratio can vary—from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup sugar for every cup of liquid—depending how sweet you want it, but the more sugar, the more silky and less slushy your final product will be.

Simple sorbet

3 cups citrus juice (if using lemons, mix 3/4 cup juice with 2 1/4 cups water)

Between 3/4 cup and 1 1/2 cups sugar (based on personal preference)

Pour one cup of juice (or water/lemon mixture) into saucepan with sugar. Cook over med-high and whisk until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat, stir in remaining liquid. If you have an ice-cream maker, pour in and churn until ready. If not, pour into a freezer-proof dish and place in freezer. Whisk every hour until firm.

—Jason Cassidy