I Feel Very Close to You Right Now

Sometimes the stars align. Ashley Thompson met Micah Waldron in Chicago in 2012, then a year later met Christian Whiting while living on a farm in Hawaii. She convinced Whiting to join them back in Chicago, and the trio known as Glances was born. Their debut, I Feel Very Close to You Right Now, feels just as fluid and exploratory, a series of light electronic numbers with faded choral highs and slow synth pulses. The album’s opener, “Btwe2s,” kicks off with a subdued Bon Iver-like air, a sort of nonchalant anthem conjured from a simple guitar lick and falsetto layered voices and a poignant punch at the end of each verse phrase. The songs don’t build or burst. Rather, they slowly dissolve from lilting synth melodies into a sort of dream-pop haze pinned by a rhythmic foundation that keeps it from meandering into ambient territory. There’s some buoyancy here, too; “Xoxo” has a sweet beat to it, the kind that hints at a strong live version.