I Am Legend

Rated 3.0

Will Smith plays Robert Neville, the last man on Earth. He’s the seeming sole survivor of a deadly plague. By day, Neville wanders the streets of an isolated New York with Sam, his faithful German shepherd. He tinkers around his lab (also being a military scientist partially to blame for the outbreak, helping devise a cure for cancer that unfortunately had some nigh serious side effects). By night he takes refuge in his fortified brownstone apartment while the mutants shriek outside. Three years of this routine and poor Neville is getting a little wiggy, naturally. Having to carry most of the movie on his own with only a dog to play off of, Smith does a fine job. Most of the disappointment here is when the mutants begin to crawl out of the woodwork … realized by some of the most piss-poor CGI work on display since Van Helsing. Overall the film does an admirable job of keeping what is mostly a one-man show from dragging, maintaining a certain amount of suspense and throwing in a few good jolts to keep things from getting stale.