How’s your political health?

You might be crazy if …

• You oppose big government even while you support laws that give cops the right to detain you on the suspicion you might not be a citizen.

• You decry government spending, but remain silent while your nation spends more on its military than do all the rest of the nations on the planet combined.

• You can look at those posters at Tea Party rallies depicting Barack Obama as Hitler while still maintaining these are just mainstream Americans gathered to express reasonable opposition to the party in power.

• You think “he’s not one of us” is a notion devoid of racist xenophobia.

• You agree with two out of three Republican candidates for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat and think that people on the “No Fly” list of suspected terrorists should have the right to buy firearms and explosives.

• You want your Medicare, but are opposed to big government and government programs.

• You can look at the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and still argue against government regulation of business.

• You can look at the bonuses paid to executives of big financial institutions and still think the huge tax breaks for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans have been an equitable apportionment of the burden of paying for things the nation needs—schools, national defense, infrastructure, etc.

• You can swallow hogwash like this gem from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who assured us that money can never corrupt a politician: “The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources,” Gingrich said, “is essentially a socialist argument.”

• You agree with Rush Limbaugh that drug users should be sent up the river, but exempt the King of Oxycontin from his own sternly prescribed punishment for people who ain’t him.

• You believed Sarah Palin, Sen. Chuck Grassley and the other fear-mongers who told us that the government was initiating “death panels” that would “pull the plug on granny.”