Homeless numbers over time

Local survey estimates number of unhoused individuals in Butte County

Every other year, local jurisdictions are tasked with coordinating what’s called a Point in Time Census and Survey to determine homeless populations. On one single day at the end of January, volunteers from the Butte County Continuum of Care head out to best identify the number of homeless households and individuals in our community. Below are the numbers of individuals counted over the past eight years, including an additional survey in 2010. These results are shared with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in order to determine nationwide and statewide statistics. Nationwide statistics show a decline in homeless since 2010, with the first increase year over year occurring in 2017. Butte County’s numbers made a notable dip in 2015, but the CoC attributes that to a lack of volunteers that year and more homeless camps situated farther from city centers. For full survey results, go to www.buttehomelesscoc.com/reports/pit/index.php.

—Meredith J. Cooper