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Fall/Winter 2005

Kaia enjoys the first fire of the fall season built by her owners Pam and Robert Laughlin.

Kaia enjoys the first fire of the fall season built by her owners Pam and Robert Laughlin.

Photo By Tom Angel

A haven, by definition, is “a place of refuge or rest"—a sanctuary, if you will. That’s a feeling most of us strive for, be we homeowners or apartment dwellers, flush with cash or strapped by circumstance. In either situation, creating a home that is a thing of beauty and comfort takes some creativity. Enter Haven, a twice-yearly supplement to the Chico News & Review. This publication is designed to help and inspire you to turn your home into a handsome and functional environment where you can relax and be yourself.

Inside Haven:

At home with…
The Laughlins have turned their Chico home into a warm, inviting spot for both family and guests. While the décor is rich in personality, many of the most striking pieces are affordable thrift store and garage sale “finds.”

At home In the garden
Hjalmar Hake and Wendy Oshima chose to make the most of the cooler growing season with a modest “kitchen garden.” Their organic growing techniques mean the winter vegetables will burst forth without the aid of pesticides.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Unwanted building materials find new homes at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore off Park Avenue. Do-it-yourselfers get a deal and the charity gets much-needed dollars.

Decorators’ Dream House
For the first time in eight years, decorators have been unleashed on a classic Chico home, applying their creative skills to a blank palette that was then opened to the public as a fund-raiser.

When it’s not yours
Just because you’re a renter doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and experiment with decorating techniques.

Try this at home
With all the hot, new appliances on the market, you won’t need to go out for crepes and espressos anymore—unless you want to.

Garage jam
Americans have so much stuff to store, we can’t even fit our cars in the garage anymore. What’s the real problem here?

The thrifty decorator
From antique shops to bargain paint bins, here are 10 places offering supplies to decorate your home on a budget.

Your cool yard
In the winter, lawns need special care. Here’s how to look after your outdoors living space, from patio to furniture to grass.

Small remodels, big payoffs
Before you spend money on a remodel, make sure your investment is going to pay off.

Haven is published twice a year by the Chico News & Review.
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