Holy Chicken-flingers, Batman

Throw Rag, Southern Culture on the Skids, Rev. Horton Heat

Too much pork for one fork, indeed. Throw Rag busted out right at 8 to a small crowd of on-time fans. The Cramps and the Doors both came to mind during their very high-energy set of washboard-scrubbed swamp rock. I hope they come back on their own soon.

Next up, Southern Culture on the Skids demonstrated once again why they should never be missed. During an hour on stage SCOTS can whip up the darnedest party you ever saw, complete with dancing girls tossing fried chicken to the crowd. And lanky Rick Miller is probably one of the only guitarists on the road who can give Jim “Rev. Horton Heat” Heath a run for the money on their chosen instrument. This night SCOTS took the cake for raising the party level to stratospheric heights.

Not that the Rev, bassist Jimbo and drummer Scott Churilla were slacking off. Their version of “Psychobilly Freakout” alone was worth the cover charge.

Hats off to Justin Maximov for booking the best show of the summer.