He’s back …

Photo By Dennis Keeley

Jonathan Richman
Duffy’s Tavern
Monday & Tuesday, Jan. 27 & 28, 9 p.m.

Musician and songwriter Jonathan Richman returns to perform once again in the intimate confines of Duffy’s Tavern, at 337 Main St. in downtown Chico. From the first “alternative” band in the ‘70s, the Modern Lovers (which then also featured future Talking Head member keyboardist Jerry Harrison) to appearing in and supplying solo tunes to the film There’s Something About Mary, Richman keeps on doing things his own unique way, the musical results often simultaneously funny, strange and thoughtful. Tickets are a mere $10 and available at Duffy’s. Richman will play two nights; his shows sell out quickly. More information: (530) 343-7718.