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Keeping the community in shape

In Motion Fitness

In Motion Fitness

Acupuncture clinic

1st PLACE: Chico Community Acupuncture

1815 Mangrove Ave., 345-5300

The folks at Chico Community Acupuncture, which recently absorbed Pinwheel Community Acupuncture Project, are all about providing the maximum amount of relief in the most relaxing environment possible. To do that, they offer community treatment—meaning after meeting one-on-one with a licensed member of staff, you sit back in a recliner among others. Rest assured, you’ll leave feeling invigorated.

2nd PLACE (tie): American Chi Center for Health

1209 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 342-2895

2nd PLACE (tie): Chico Medical Acupuncture

13 Williamsburg Lane, 345-3382

Alternative health-care provider

1st PLACE: Chico Naturopathic Medicine

1351 Esplanade, 332-9355

The goal of Chico Naturopathic Medicine, as stated on its website, is “Integrating science and nature to treat disease at its cause.” Patients keep coming back because of the practice’s unique approach to treating the “whole person” rather than an ailment, and doing so using a mixture of Western and Eastern medicine as well as alternative healing methods.

2nd PLACE: Chico Community Acupuncture

1815 Mangrove Ave., 345-5300

3rd PLACE: Simply Pilates

2201 Pillsbury Road, Ste. 190, 570-3897


1st PLACE: Preference Chiropractic

1635 Magnolia Ave., 895-0224

At Preference Chiropractic, treatment encompasses the entire family, from infants to elders, so it makes sense that the practice is situated in a converted house. Pregnant women say they feel especially comfortable at Preference when seeking adjustments prior to childbirth. Other clients say the friendly staff and welcoming environment, in addition to lasting results, are reasons they keep coming back.

2nd PLACE: Joyce Family Chiropractic

9 Frontier Circle, 899-8500

3rd PLACE: The Specific Chiropractic Center

1281 East Ave., Ste. 100, 893-1446

Dental care

1st PLACE: Nelsen Family Dentistry

1307 Esplanade, Ste. 4, 898-8511

Nelsen Family Dentistry is a household name when it comes to Best of Chico. For the ninth year running, the dental practice run by Drs. John and Missy Nelsen has bested the rest, showing some true staying power in the community. Patients rave about the reasonable prices, friendly service and professional atmosphere at Nelsen Family Dentistry.

2nd PLACE: Kremer Dental

3 Glenbrook Court, 892-1234; and 1430 East Ave., Ste. 5, 892-1218

3rd PLACE: Willow Creek Dentistry

2765 Esplanade, 891-6611


1st PLACE: Kafele T. Hodari

North Valley Dermatology Center, 251 Cohasset Road, 342-3686

When it comes to skin care, Chicoans turn to Dr. Hodari. One patient, after having visited many dermatologists and being unsatisfied, says Dr. Hodari restored his faith in doctors: “Not only is he professional, his offices in both Chico and Oroville are very modern, super-clean, and his staff are very professional.” Others tout Hodari as smart, compassionate and an all-around genuine person to work with.

2nd PLACE: O. Jay On

Chico Dermatology, 774 East Ave., 774-2650

3rd PLACE: F. Paul Sajben

North Valley Dermatology Center, 251 Cohasset Road, 342.3686

Eye-care specialist

1st PLACE: Chico Eye Center

605 W. East Ave., 895-1727; and 2056 Talbert Drive, Ste. 100, 893-1695

Chico Eye Center is the place to go to treat your peepers. With specializations ranging from basic vision correction to LASIK surgery, the doctors here are top notch when it comes to caring for your eyes. Patients appreciate the wide selection of frames as well as the friendly, professional staff.

2nd PLACE: North Valley Eye Care

114 Mission Ranch Blvd., Ste. 50, 891-1900

3rd PLACE: Family Eye Care

2565 Ceanothus Ave., Ste. 155, 899-3939

General practitioner

1st PLACE: Julie Archer

Archer & Alonso MDs, 1645 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 896-0386

Dr. Julie Archer is aces when it comes to internal medicine, receiving rave reviews based on her ability to talk through treatments and ensuring the overall wellness of her patients.

2nd PLACE (tie): David Alonso

Archer & Alonso MDs, 1645 Esplanade, Ste. 1, 896-0386

2nd PLACE (tie): Stuart Mishelof

Argyll Medical Group, 100 Independence Circle, 899-0295

Patrick Tedford


1st PLACE: In Motion Fitness

1293 E. First Ave., 343-5678

What can we say about In Motion Fitness that Chicoans don’t already know? The full-service gym offers top-of-the-line fitness equipment, in addition to an array of classes, personal training, nutrition counseling and a cafe. Did we mention there’s also childcare for parents on the go as well as swimming pools, saunas and private workout rooms? Yeah, this “fitness resort” has it all.

2nd PLACE: Chico Sports Club

260 Cohasset Road, Ste. 190, 345-9427

3rd PLACE: Orangetheory Fitness

874 East Ave., 722-4000

Local health-care provider

1st PLACE: Argyll Medical Group

100 Independence Circle, 899-0295

Argyll Medical Group has been caring for Chicoans for 16 years and, having been bought last month by MyCircle Health, is continuing its legacy of offering the most cutting-edge technology available to its patients. The name remains the same, as does the doc in charge, the good-natured but straightforward Roy Bishop. Still No. 1 in Chico’s (super healthy!) heart.

2nd PLACE: Ampla Health

680 Cohasset Road, 342-4395

3rd PLACE: Mission Ranch Primary Care

114 Mission Ranch Blvd., Ste. 10, 894-0500

Massage therapist

1st PLACE: Candi Williamson

Massage by Candi, 2062 Talbert Drive, Ste. 100, 521-7328

Candi Williamson has been offering massage services for 10 years in Chico, where people have come to know her for her community service work as well as her “magic hands.” Her intuition helps her feel what is going on with clients’ bodies, so she can give the most effective, individualized attention. “She will find out exactly what is going on and start fixing it, and help teach you how to work on yourself, too,” one client reports. “I’ve been looking for a massage therapist like Candi for years.”

2nd PLACE: Babette Maiss

13 Williamsburg Lane, 321-5668

3rd PLACE: Amy Halladay

Natural Touch by Amy, 519-0748

Medical marijuana delivery service

1st PLACE: GreenGold Delivery


GreenGold is Chico’s go-to service for delivery of medical marijuana. Patients appreciate the quality of the products—from dry herb to salves and edibles—and the ease and speed with which they are delivered. Plus, with a loyalty card, their return business is rewarded. “Hands down my favorite delivery service in Chico,” one patient raves. “Staff is always friendly and fast and the flower is always high-quality!”

2nd PLACE: The Lifted Collective


3rd PLACE (tie): Canna Delivers


3rd PLACE (tie): Organic Care of California



1st PLACE: Patrick Tedford

643 W. East Ave., 342-0502

Kids and parents alike love Dr. Tedford. Why? Because not only does he make patients comfortable enough to actually enjoy (!) going to the doctor, but he also creates a trusting relationship with parents that keeps them coming back and recommending Tedford to friends.

2nd PLACE: John Asarian

Chico Pediatrics, 670 Rio Lindo Ave., Ste. 300, 343-8522

3rd PLACE: Daniela Morcos-Gannon

643 W. East Ave., 899-2981

Plastic surgeon

1st PLACE: Daniel S. Thomas

619 W. East Ave., 891-4391

Clients rave about Dr. Thomas and his caring staff. “I have been going to this office off and on for the last four years. … His staff is friendly and helpful and you feel so much like a part of their family,” says one client. Having been in private practice in Chico since 1994, he’s helped countless patients look and feel like younger, more radiant versions of themselves.

2nd PLACE: Emily C. Hartmann

Northstate Plastic Surgery, 1260 East Ave., Ste. 100, 345-5900

3rd PLACE: Kevin D. Myers

Northstate Plastic Surgery, 1260 East Ave., Ste. 100, 345-5900


1st PLACE: Chico Animal Hospital

3015 Esplanade, 342-0518

What can we say—Chico loves its pets. So getting the right care for the animal members of our families is a top priority. Human companions report the staff at Chico Animal Hospital is kind, considerate and works quickly to schedule needed appointments. “They make you feel like you are part of their family, and they truly care about helping your pet get well.” In addition to traditional medical care, Chico Animal Hospital also offers alternative treatments including acupuncture.

2nd PLACE: VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Center

2480 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, 342-7387

3rd PLACE: Evers Veterinary Clinic

1150 El Monte Ave., 343-0713