Health-care boosted in Los Molinos

Enloe Medical Center and Ampla Health join forces

A new initiative adopted by Enloe Medical Center and Ampla Health looks to better develop medical services available in Los Molinos.

On Dec. 6, Ampla—a Northern California medical provider focused on underserved individuals and families—began providing medical services through the Los Molinos Family Health Center (7883 Highway 99), which is owned and operated by Enloe Medical Center. The collaboration aims to increase access to care by opening a new medical center in Los Molinos sometime next year, according to an Ampla Health press release.

The Los Molinos Family Health Center offers management of chronic health problems, treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, rheumatology specialty care, anticoagulation therapy, child-health and -disability exams, physicals, vaccinations, women’s health care and more. To make an appointment, call 384-2372.

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