Heading to the polls

The News & Review’s guide to Election 2004

We are rapidly approaching the culmination of one of the most amazing political years in recent memory. Can anybody remember a presidential campaign as tight and intense as the Bush-Kerry donnybrook? Sure, Bush vs. Gore in 2000 was certainly tight, but it wasn’t nearly as intense. We have to go back to the Nixon-Humphrey clash in’68, when we also were in the thick of an unpopular war, to find such passion, but Nixon easily won that one in the Electoral College.

As usual in our special election issues, the News & Review doesn’t report on the presidential or other federal and state races. Our readers have numerous other sources for information on them. We do, however, offer our endorsements on them. We also offer short analyses and recommendations on the 16 state ballot measures, as well as the local measures Chico voters will find on their ballots.

Our major reports are on the two most important races in Chico, for the City Council and the school district’s Board of Trustees. For the former, we asked the candidates to answer some questions dealing with important issues they will confront if elected and printed their responses so readers can see the differences among them. That story is here.

In the case of the school board candidates, we turned the tables on them, giving them each a pop quiz on matters they should know to be effective. We provide their answers and their scores here.

Finally, you can find a list of all our endorsements here. Most important, remember that people have died to protect your right to vote. Don’t forget to exercise it.

Where they stand
Chico City Council candidates answer the call

Turning the tables
We ask the school board candidates to take a pop quiz

Measure by measure
A preposterous number of propositions go before voters

CN&R endorses
Our recommendations for the races on Chicoans’ ballots

CN&R endorsements