Rated 2.0

Haywire isn’t much more than an exercise in lo-fi style over substance, with a script that is rudimentary at best: a top-shelf mercenary (played by mixed-martial artist Gina Carano) is betrayed by her foolish boss/ex-lover (Ewan McGregor) and sets off on a globe-hopping tour of mayhem as she lays down some payback on him and the other men (played by a lot of familiar faces) involved. No real stakes, other than some general payback. But Haywire isn’t about the story … or the acting. It’s about providing the viewer with the opportunity to watch a beautiful woman kick the shit out of a handful of deserving men. And she kicks down with the physical stuff damn well. Eliminate Carano from the mix and the film’s not worth making. Cinemark 14. Rated R