Hackers attack CHS

Patient data stolen in second-largest HIPAA breach ever reported

Hackers recently stole the nonmedical data of 4.5 million Community Health Systems patients, prompting the FBI to issue a flash warning to health care organizations representing likely targets for cyber attacks.

The incident is the second-largest breach of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protections ever reported, according to California Healthline. CHS is based out of Tennessee and operates 206 hospitals across 29 states, including four in Southern California.

The FBI notice said multiple health companies have been targeted by cyber attacks, typically for “valuable intellectual information,” such as equipment development and medical device data, as well as “health information and/or personally identifiable information.”

In April, the FBI warned that health care systems were lax compared to other industries and vulnerable to hackers attempting to access bank accounts or prescriptions.