Good Grub

A quick guide to downtown Chico eateries

Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works
117A W. 2nd St., 345-3443
Daily 6:30am–5pm

Celestino’s Live From New York Pizza & Deli
101 Salem, 896-1234
Mon.–Fri. 10:30am–10pm
Sat.-Sun. 11am–10pm

Grilla Bites
119 W. 2nd St., 894-2691
Mon.–Thurs. 11am–9pm
Fri.-Sat. 8am–9pm
Sun. 8am–4pm

Kona’s Sandwiches
138 Main St, 893-4344
Daily 10am–9pm

Madison Bear Garden
316 W. 2nd St., 891-1639
Daily 11am–10pm

Pita Pit
240 Broadway, 899-2847Tues.-Sat. 11am–3am
Sun.-Mon 11am–12am

Pommes Frites
138 Broadway, 893-9622
Mon.-Sat. 11am–8pm

Tacos de Acapulco
429 Ivy St, 892-8176
Daily 10am–11pm

The Upper Crust Bakery & Café
130 Main St, 895-3866
Mon.-Sat. 6:30am–9pm
Sun. 7:30am–4pm

Woodstock’s Pizza
166 E. 2nd St., 893-1500
Mon.-Wed. 11am–1am
Thurs.- Sat. 11am–2am
Sun. 11am–12am