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Welcome to Chico

You’re holding in your hands, or viewing online, a special annual publication of the Chico News & Review. It’s designed to introduce newcomers, especially students, to some of the many facets of their new home. We’ve broken the publication down into three parts for convenience: Campus, Town and Pleasures. Each Thursday during the rest of the year, the CN&R brings you the latest on all these topics and more.

As for the town, despite our occasional digs—hey, that’s our job—we confidently believe there’s no finer college community in the entire nation. California State University, Chico, is a residential campus, which means a good majority of students come from far-flung regions of the state or nation or world to make Chico their home for four, five or six years (and sometimes permanently). This gives the place a youthful, small-town (and generally tolerant) atmosphere that’s hard to find in other cities this size. The campus is probably the most beautiful in the entire CSU system, making the whole educational experience all the sweeter.

The geography doesn’t hurt, either. Chico’s nestled beneath a great canopy of trees between two creeks at the base of the Cascade foothills. It’s easy to see why pioneers settled here more than 100 years ago, and why people are still coming today.

The outdoor opportunities are as plentiful and varied as the imagination allows: biking, hiking, swimming, climbing, skiing, running, walking, fishing, hunting or just sitting around on the front porch watching it all go by.

The town also serves as the intellectual and cultural hub for the entire region. Movies, stage, music, art, nightlife—if you live in these parts, this is the only place to get it.

Spread throughout Goin’ Chico are trading cards, like the one on this page, to introduce you to some of the leaders, characters and generally fine folks who call the area home.

Welcome to Chico, and may you have a pleasant stay.


Great grads
Life after Chico State can be far more excellent than you ever dreamed. Here, we introduce you to some grads who have used their education to become rich, famous or both.

Butte of a college
Whether a student is looking to land a two-year degree or just get some general-ed classes out of the way, Butte is geared toward those who want an affordable, efficient shot at college.

Turning the tables
With universities dropping the ball on letting students know the reps of their teachers, several prof-rating Web sites of dubious accuracy have sprung up.


Wash and wear
When you’ve turned those underwear inside out one time too many, it’s time to hit the laundromat. The News & Review takes you on a tour of local washing spots.

Well, raise my rent
Don’t become one of Chico’s renting horror stories. Know your rights and responsibilities before making the move to living in someone else’s abode.

Know thy leader
OK, time for a government lesson. But this is one that will affect your life as a Chicoan and student directly. Learn who runs the show in Butte County and why you should care.

What’d you say?
Chico has a language all its own, and the sooner you learn the lingo the sooner you’ll fit in. Oh, and meet us at Five and I for a Scrappy.


Where it’s at
For a smallish college town, Chico is awash with music venues. We’ll tell you where to go for what, from rock to hip-hop.

You wanna rock?
So you want to start a band. Take it from someone who’s been there: It ain’t easy, but it sure can be rewarding. It’s almost a college prerequisite.

Take my advice…
If you’re wondering where to go for cheap food, a date or outdoor fun, look no further than a college senior. We rounded up a few to start you out.

The sporting life
OK, so they killed football. But Chico State still boasts plenty of championship players as well as intramural sports for every taste.

Trading card - Maureen Kirk, Mayor of Chico