Good-bye, Moustache Pete

Well-known local icon passes away

Peter Boyle, aka “Moustache Pete,” died July 4 at an assisted-living home in north Chico. Boyle, 68, was well known among locals for his well-waxed-and-curled handlebar moustache and pleasant disposition.

He worked for years as a doorman at Cabos restaurant and bar in south Chico and at Tower Books on Main Street. He was a fixture at Tower, wheeling boxes of just-delivered books on a dolly or standing out in front of the store, smoking a cigarette and greeting passersby.

Boyle was a thoughtful man with a sly smile and a great sense of humor. Born in Alameda, he served in the Army during the Vietnam War and later came to Chico, where he attended Chico State. He stayed in town for the rest of his life, occasionally traveling abroad.