Gone in 13 seconds

Chico thrash crew Black Hole of Calcutta gets to the point fast

BLACK HOLE SUN<br>Black Hole of Calcutta is, from left: Spider, Ian Macau and Jesse Schreibman. (Bassist Ben Tehune missing.)

Black Hole of Calcutta is, from left: Spider, Ian Macau and Jesse Schreibman. (Bassist Ben Tehune missing.)

Black Hole live:
Saturday, Dec. 20, 8 p.m., at Monstros Pizza with Deathraid

Black Hole online:

There’s no shortage of metal or punk bands in Chico. But Black Hole of Calcutta has come out of the gates of hell quicker … well, quicker than the duration of the band’s No. 1 single “Rule of Thumb.” OK, it’s not a No. 1 single, and the band didn’t actually form, release a 7-inch and plan an entire European tour in less than 13 seconds. But Black Hole of Calcutta is making a name in Chico and beyond rather swiftly.

The band’s name is a story in itself—taken from the name of a small dungeon where supposedly 123 British troops suffocated from the cramped conditions in 1756. (Creepy imagery—check.) Black Hole of Calcutta formed just over a year ago as a side project of The Makai’s Ian Makau (guitar) and drummer Jesse Schreibman. (Instant cred—check.)

However these songs fall more on the punk side of the fence—less precision riffage, more short bursts of vein-popping thrash. And although The Makai harnesses the energy of punk rock, none of Black Hole of Calcutta’s songs clock in at more than two minutes, a departure from the multi-part epics The Makai favors.

The members of Black Hole of Calcutta, which includes bassist Ben Tehune (of ¡Mammoth Torta!) and vocalist Spider (Oroville’s Scum Dogs), are already gearing up for a two-week European tour, no doubt helped by The Makai’s recent trip across the pond. In fact, the group might be better known internationally than they are in their own hometown. The band just released a split 7-inch with Indonesian grindcore band GÄTT, and has one in the works with Sarjan Hassan from Malaysia.

The choice to release multiple 7-inches rather than putting the 14-plus songs onto a full-length comes down to logistics.

“We could put 25 songs on an album and it would still be short,” jokes Makau, who says he listens to more punk than metal.

The band will head overseas in March, and bounce around Eastern Europe with a Danish guy named Dirk, who’s been helping the members of Black Hole set up shows, including a few possible dates with legendary UK thrash band GBH.

Creepy imagery? Punk rock cred? Two-minute songs? Mysterious Danish booker named Dirk? Check, check, check and check.