Goin’ Chico: Food

A bite of Chico

21. Nobby’s cheese skirt

21. Nobby’s cheese skirt

20. Signature sweets

23. Fork in the Road vendor Inday’s

Shubert's Ice Cream & Candy has been around for more than 75 years, and for generations of Chicoans, the hand-crafted ice cream and candy tastes like home. What should be your first scoop? It has to be Chico Mint—milk chocolate ice cream with broken pieces of Shubert's signature Chico Mint candies mixed in. Tastes how the place smells. 178 E. Seventh St., www.shuberts.com

21. Cheese skirt

You can get a great burger at a number of establishments around Chico, but as locals know, there's one joint in town that takes cheeseburgers to the next level: Nobby's. The longtime fave south of downtown uses giant cheese slices and lets them run over onto the grill. The technique creates a burger with melted goodness under the bun and a crunchy outer skirt that gives Nobby's burgers (and its “Vegi Burger,” too) their signature flavor. A must-eat. 1444 Park Ave.

22. Late-night grubbin'At some point during your time here, you will head out after midnight for second dinner, whether it's to fuel that all-night study session, to soak up those drink specials or to just satisfy the munchies. Downtown: Weiner Man cart—regularly sets up shop on Main Street or Broadway—or Main Street Pizzeria (331 Main St.). Near campus: Serrano's Mexican Grill (645 W. Fifth St.), Tacos Mary (429 Ivy St.) or Aca Taco in the Safeway shopping center at Nord and West Sacramento avenues. Another after-2 a.m. staple is downtown's diner, Jack's Family Restaurant (520 Main St.).

24. Taco exploration

23.Fork in the Road

Missing that specialty cuisine from your hometown? It's possible that there's a food truck in Chico that will have your back, and on the first Wednesday evening of each month (during the sunny months), most of them are parked behind Manzanita Place for the Fork in the Road food-truck rally. Choices include Mexican, Indian, Filipino, American and soul food, among others, plus live music and a lawn on which to chill. www.facebook.com/ForkInTheRoadChico. 1705 Manzanita Ave.

24. Tacos

For less than $2 each, you can afford to explore every truck, wagon and hole-in-the-wall in Chico.

25. Mac daddy

Few foods in this world are as comforting as macaroni and cheese, and the version at The Banshee, featuring an overflowing bowl of oozing cheesy goodness topped with bread crumbs and thrown into the oven until the top browns and the whole bowl bubbles, will make you feel better than most—especially if you add on bacon or ham. You'll never look at a Kraft box the same again. 134 W. Second St., www.bansheechico.com