Gogol Bordello

Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony

With a sound that is pure, foot-stomping adrenaline, Ukrainian Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello have been one of the hotter bands on the New York club scene for the last few years, inciting colorful dance riots wherever they go. The six-member band was formed by immigrant musicians who met playing Russian weddings together and have since tossed in an American drummer and added a wild, cabaret-style act for a true spectacle of raw culture in motion.

Mixing Ukrainian, Gypsy, Russian and flamenco with punk aesthetic, the band relies on accordion, violins, sax and twisted lyrics from leader/vocalist Eugene Hutz to create a wholly unique vibe like a surreal, fire-cracking Gypsy wedding fiesta held at CBGB’s.

For an example of Hutz’s sense of humor, hear the happy thrash of track nine, "Punk Rock Parranda" which extols the virtues of punk music by berating quiet towns where "the women never get wet … dead rollerbladers roll right into the morgue … If you don’t see no punks in downtown/ you know this town is dying quick/ it’s just no good/ I guarantee you in this town/you’ll have a problem finding prostitute." Musically, this stuff is meant for sweaty celebrations and po-going yourself silly. In that regard, any studio album by these wild and crazy guys is just a frenetic teaser for the real show.