Gifts with benefits

How to give to a guy and get something back

Ladies, here’s a new little twist to shopping for your honey—buy him something that benefits you. Sure, it may sound a little selfish and shallow, but we all know deep down it is in his best interest. It is still OK to buy him one or two of those “macho” gifts, like a Sports Illustrated calendar or one of those classy Hooters shirts, but this year step outside of your gift buying box and make it a merry Christmas for the both of you.

(Let’s just hope the boys don’t pick up on this idea or we may end up with a stocking full of X-BOX games for some “quality time” in front of the big screen.)

First, an obvious one: cologne. Who wants their man to stink? Anything Armani or Kenneth Cole is a great choice. Most all brands can be found at Gottschalks, and a small selection is also available at Target (a cheaper option).

Ditch the baggy flannels and over-sized tee and pick up a cute, little negligee for yourself from Victoria’s Secret or TJ Maxx. VS sleepwear starts at $34.50, and sexy little pieces are available at TJ Maxx starting at only $12.99. Seeing you all dolled up will get him in that grateful mood, plus you get a new pair of pajamas out of it.

Next, invest in a gift basket for his pad. Fill it with fragrant candles, available at Ross, starting at $2 each. Throw in a couple of comedy or action DVDs (no chick flicks ladies, remember this is his present), and a nice bottle of wine from Vino 100 (Safeway Shopping Center on Mangrove). Bottles start at $8 and none cost more than $25, with 100 varieties to choose from. Now, when it’s your turn to crash at his place it’s guaranteed to smell better, there will be something to watch besides ESPN and even something to drink besides beer. GASP!!

Another great idea is a subscription to XM radio (available at any electronic store). Yes, it will be in his car, but every time he drives (which should be all the time) then the two of you can rock out to great music. Plus, if you break up, the subscription only lasts a year.

A subscription to Netflix is another good idea. Plans start as low as $9.99 a month, and there are thousands of movies to choose from. Put some movies on his list that you know he loves, or has been dying to see, and have them mailed to his house around the holidays. He’s sure to be presently surprised, and this will ensure some cozy nights curled up on the couch with your honey during the cold winter season. Visit to sign up.

If you’re looking to bring out the inner metrosexual in your beau, try a duo pedicure session. Dimensions Salon (810 Broadway) has two pedicure thrones side-by-side; so two people can be pampered at the same time. Pedicures begin at $35 dollars each. Even though they won’t admit it, deep down all men want to be pampered, and secretly they’ll appreciate it. Plus, your next footsy session will be much more enjoyable.

Lastly, consider investing in a pair of overly-priced Lucky Jeans for your man (available at Buckle in the mall). This isn’t something that he would likely buy for himself, since they’re so pricey, but just like women, men want to have at least one pair of “hot” jeans. How will this benefit you? There is nothing nicer than seeing your man dressed to impress. When he looks good, you look good, and that’s all that matters.