Get birth control without a doctor

In California, it’s easy

About two years ago, our state joined Oregon and Washington in allowing girls and women to get birth control pills or patches without a doctor’s prescription. Several other states since have started similar programs allowing pharmacists to sell birth control over the counter. In California, all you need to do is get your blood pressure taken and fill out a questionnaire. And if your insurance plan covers birth control, you can get it for free. Our state’s rules allow pharmacists to supply the birth control patch, ring or injection. Call your pharmacy to check availability. Can’t pick it up in person? More good news: There are several reputable online sources for birth control—including Nurx, Pandia Health, PRJKT RUBY, The Pill Club and PillPack—that offer a variety of methods, and most take insurance. Planned Parenthood also offers mail-order birth control, in addition to providing a full range of services at their Chico location.