Get Behind Me Satan

The White Stripes

“Blue Orchid,” the first single and track on the White Stripes’ new album, is misleading. It’s catchy enough for a car commercial, but there aren’t many more like it on the album. The only songs on Get Behind Me Satan that are reminiscent of 2003’s blues-rock pleasure, Elephant, are “Red Rain” and “Instinct Blues.” Here, Jack and Meg offer a grab-bag of delightful oddities, like making use of the marimba, of all things, on “The Nurse” before crashing in with cymbals, guitar squeals and piano quirks. Jack continues to make great use of simple rhymes (like truth…tooth…telephone booth on “The Denial Twist”) but expands into new territories, testifying on the hymn-like “I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet)” and even semi-rapping on “The Denial Twist.” Though the piano provides some lovely melodies, Jack’s electric guitar is sorely missed on most of the album (because, frankly, air piano is much less fun than air guitar). However, he promises early on, “No, I’m never going to let you down now,” and with a mix of genres and eccentric coolness about the songs, he and Meg don’t.