G-Ride, at your service

Mike Griffith

Photo By Bryce Benson

His bike has bump—there is no doubt about that. It has an amp, a 10-inch sub, two 6-by-9 speakers, a car deck and a marina battery to power it all. You can hear it from a block away, and his iPod has enough music to take just about any request. His customers call him G-Ride, Taxi Mike or Mike G. In the end, Mike Griffith, 37, doesn’t care what you call him (insults excluded); he just wants the opportunity to entertain and give his customers a safe ride, wherever that may be. And he’ll even pick you up. Just call 354-9885.

How did you get a car stereo system on your bike?

My first year riding I had a walkman with an amp and six portable speakers. Everyone enjoyed the music, so I upgraded. My three sponsors helped me out with it.

You have three sponsors?

Yeah. Metro PCS on Broadway, Mobile Excitement on Broadway and Gearhead Tattoo and Barbershop on Broadway.

How long have you ridden? How did you get started?

I knew a guy who leased a bunch [of pedicabs] out. He asked if I knew how to ride a bike. I used to take it out to Lower Bidwell a couple hours early to get my legs under me and get the hang of it. I started two years ago and fell in love with it. Now I’ve got three bikes and sublease two of them out to other drivers. Whenever I get on my bike, I get into character.

You have to have some pretty crazy late-night stories.

I had to bungee a girl in one time because she was too intoxicated and I didn’t want her to fall out. She’s a regular. Her roommates gave me her keys. Then I had to carry her up two flights of stairs. I got her to her room and dropped her in bed and left her keys on her bedside table. Another time I had 11 girls from a sorority on my bike. Another girl felt bad when she had no money, so she ran into her house and returned with a loaf of bread and a hotdog bun. She insisted, so I got some bread. The drummer from Kottonmouth Kings sat on my ride while I played their CD. He signed autographs for an hour and a half outside the Senator.

What does the future hold for G-Ride Pedicab?

My second bike is coming out of the stereo shop this week, and the third will be going in shortly. I’m looking forward to graduation, but I’m going to miss some of the seniors. Business always drops about a third around winter and summertime. I want to take my bikes to Hot August Nights in Reno. Also, I’m thinking of starting a munchies/meal-delivery service for people who can’t pick up food for themselves.