Fund-raising enters new era

Bake sales are now small potatoes when it comes to raising money for the Chico Unified School District. On Jan. 30 the CUSD announced that it not only had raised the $5,000 necessary to form the Chico Community Education Fund (CCEF), but it also had exceeded the amount by $1,500.

The North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF), which could become the designated fund administrator for the CCEF, would provide administrative services for a flat 1.5 percent yearly fee calculated against the gross income of the CCEF. The NVCF needed a minimum of $5,000 to get the ball rolling for the fund.

Although the CUSD Board of Trustees was to vote Feb. 4 on whether the fund will even come into place, Trustees Anthony Watts and Scott Huber seemed delighted that community donors showed such support, calling them “Champions of Education” in a recent press release and handing out Certificates of Appreciation to each contributor.

Some may assume the CCEF plan is all but officially put into action, considering the fact that each trustee, plus CUSD Superintendent Scott Brown, contributed to the $6,500 raised. But nothing will be official until the board votes.

Huber said the board would work hard to make sure the contributors were shown that the funds were being used to better the CUSD.