From all Purity

There are a lot of bands mucking around in the sludge, but Chicago doom nihilists INDIAN come from fathoms uncharted. From All Purity is—simply put—vile. The band bludgeons you with sphincter-quivering riffs while vocalists Dylan O’Toole and Will Lindsay scream from what sounds like three inches from your face. Sound fun? INDIAN uses both noise and repetition to give a sense of unease and impending doom, especially on opener “Rape.” “Clarify” is a post-apocalyptic-worthy wall of noise that ends up being more frightening than an Alien/The Exorcist double feature. Drummer Bill Bumgardner breaks free of the swinging-sticks-through-water style that brings some doom metal almost to a halt. His playing is lively, but not overdone, especially on “Rhetoric of No.” INDIAN wisely keeps From All Purity taut—at just six songs—easily enough to get their point across. If it were any longer, they’d just be overkilling overkill.