Foodie frontier

New faces in Chico’s ever-evolving restaurant scene

In this week’s special Entrepreneurs Issue, we’re focusing on some of the bravest folks in the local business community: restaurateurs. Opening an eatery is often a dicey proposition. It takes a lot of organization, determination, money and skill to succeed in the food business, so our hats are off to the owners of the dining establishments featured in this paper, including one that’s in the planning stages.

As you’ll see from their stories, the owners of each place have their own unique challenges and levels of expertise. They include a couple who had little service-industry experience who managed to open a popular craft beer bar, and then went on to open a cafe; a couple with vast restaurant experience who are working to take an established and beloved fine-dining restaurant to the next level; an uncle-and-nephew team introducing niche food fare to the local scene; and a trio of young locals with varying skills who are in the process of opening a downtown restaurant.

Cheers to them and their entrepreneurial spirit, and thanks to the CN&R readers who support their efforts.