Fondue happens

The String Cheese Incident, Senator Theatre, Sat., July 17

String Cheese Incident’s Michael Kang.

String Cheese Incident’s Michael Kang.

Photo By Tom Angel

The young woman next to me described The String Cheese Incident’s show of the previous night, which she attended in the woods in Garberville, as “a nice, groovy, stoney show.” I imagine she might describe SCI’s sold-out Senator Theatre show similarly. The thoroughly packed-in fans of all ages, from babies to aging bare-chested Deadhead-lookin’ dudes, were totally into it, an entire crowd pulsing and dancing as one organism to the oft-changing hypnotic jam and light show coming from the stage.

Acoustic guitarist Bill Nershi, electric mandolinist and fiddler Michael Kang (pictured), keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth, electric bassist Keith Moseley and drummer Michael Travis, all very talented musicians and vocalists, serve up a heady mix of bluegrass (their opener, Charlie Monroe’s bluegrass classic, “Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms,” was a well-received ripper, showing instantly the band’s chops), calypso, rock, funk, etc., both originals and covers.

Hollingsworth showed off some interesting, wacky, Terry Adams-like (NRBQ keyboardist) playing at one point, something I would personally have liked to have heard more of. Same for bassist Moseley’s compelling deep voice on lead vocals.

After hours in that packed, stuffy, sweaty room, I found myself thinking how nice it must have been to see SCI outdoors under a starlit sky with a backdrop of redwoods. And fresh air.