Five women, five stories

The essays in our annual Women’s Issue are as diverse as their authors are

Photos by Tom Angel and Tina Flynn

When we solicited the following essays for our annual Women’s Issue, we hoped they would reflect a common theme. Tell us stories—personal, heartfelt stories—about how feminism and the women’s movement have affected you, we said to the authors.

Fortunately, they chose not to follow our directions, choosing instead to go their own ways. From Robin Indar‘s account of metamorphosing from a hard-living Bay Area punk-rock diva into a mom and student living in Chico, to Mary Cook‘s lyrical, beautifully crafted tribute to “women’s work” and Robyn Moormeister‘s portrait of a woman boss from hell, these are compelling, highly readable expositions of diverse experiences of being female in today’s world. They have much to do with feminism and the women’s movement, but in ways we hardly anticipated.

We thank the writers for their terrific essays. We know our readers, male and female alike, will enjoy and learn from them.