Fire figures

County gets latest tally of losses and costs

The latest tallies are in on the fires that ravaged Butte County in June and July. During a presentation at the Tuesday (Aug. 5) meeting of the Board of Supervisors, a parade of county officials involved in fire response gave these figures:

• A total of 202 dwellings burned down and four were damaged. Another 50 outbuildings were destroyed.

• Three local assistance centers were set up over five weeks. More than 400 people were served in just seven days.

• Some 582 tons of debris have gone to the landfill so far, just from the Humboldt and Ophir fire areas.

• The cost of the fires was nearly $4.8 million. State and federal funds cover 75 percent of that, and the county is seeking a presidential disaster declaration that would provide federal funds for most of the rest. If it is received, the county will be responsible for 6.25 percent of the total cost. If not …