Finger-pointin’ songs

Kamm & MacDonald and John-Michael Sun Bean Scene, Saturday, Feb. 7

John-Michael Sun and Susan Dobro’s show-opening set at times resembled an anti-Bush rally set to music: “Gotta stop Bush! Gotta stop Bush!” or “Vote this madman out!” They sang to some applause and cheers from the audience and by the time they got to their last tune they became more spiritual and calm, singing, “With the voice of God we carry on and on…”

Nevada City duo, guitarist-vocalist Paul Kamm and vocalist Eleanore MacDonald then began a short set followed by an intermission. Kamm joked, “So I guess it’s all right to talk politics here!”

The polished duo’s first song, “Last Tango in Paradise,” featured their lovely Simon and Garfunkel-like voices singing close harmonies, accompanied by Kamm’s pretty guitar playing. “Scarborough Fair” ("about one of the only cover songs we do,” MacDonald pointed out) was also very nice.

Back after a break, the pair launched into “Salt In My Tears,” a beautifully presented political song about such social problems as rising health care costs and the takeover by the giant “box stores.” To their credit, Kamm and MacDonald have a way of getting their political message across without seeming overbearing or nagging. Their calm demeanor and fine voices go far in this regard.

"Let Love Remain," with Kamm’s sweet chunky guitar playing and more great harmonies, was my favorite of the night.