Fans of Black Lips and Jacuzzi Boys rejoice! FIDLAR has been set free from the pearly gates of a heavenly skate park south of the Grapevine with a “sound that abounds, and resounds and rebounds off the ceiling.” Far from shy when it comes to lauding the merits of a 23-year-old life spent ingesting liquor and drugs, FIDLAR may best abridge their personal philosophy with a single stanza from “Stoked and Broke,” the second track off this seething self-titled debut: “I just wanna get really high/ smoke weed until I die/ I don’t ever wanna get a job/ ’cause I’m fucked up today and nothing’s wrong.” So, call the likes of “Cheap Beer” immature, call “Wake Bake Skate” nonsensical, and call “Cocaine” self-indulgently hedonistic—you’re right. But FIDLAR’s 14-song party-boy assault, in addition to being unapologetically decadent, is musically fetching, featuring a sticky-sweet style of punky songwriting that rushes straight to the brain like a big sniff of glue. Just one single sampling of “Gimme Something” and its lackadaisical mid-tempo swagger should be enough to arouse even the most skeptical of newcomers, sending all converts into the throes of audile rapture and provoking sudden bouts of arm flapping and pelvis thrusting—otherwise known as dancing.