Fictitious Business Names - September 27, 2001

For information on fictitious business records, check with the Butte County Clerk’sOffice.

Always Towing
2524 Highway 32A, Chico
David Anderson and Michael Ott

Beauty Channel Inc DBA Chico Beauty College
1356 Longfellow Ave., Chico
Marguerite J. Morrison and Ronald J. Morrison

Bud McNamar “The Real Estate Man”
2240 St. George Lane Suite 1, Chico
Marston “Bud” McNamar

Business Equity Appraisal Reports, Inc
1055 Esplanade, Chico
Business Equity Appraisal Reports, Inc

The Cider Creek Café
5742 Skyway, Paradise
Sherry L. Rey

Diamond Janitorial
13 Cameo No. 22, Chico
Nicholas Lang

Double Training Stables
1477 Flag Creek Road, Oroville
Dorothy Anne Merme

H & R Block Co.
2255 Esplanade, Chico
Ernie M. Kotyluk

Hair Sebon
1600 Mangrove Ave. Suite J, Chico
Bruno Barreras and Bill Rhoades

Harley Wood Ltd.
1102 Neal Dow Ave., Chico
William T. Johnston

House Doctor
6332 Glendale Drive, Magalia
Kenneth G. Dugan

J & J Optical
8680 Skyway, Paradise
Gerald Lee Haigh and John Howard Haigh

JDM Motorsports
3199 Plummers Lane Suite 15, Chico
Sai Xiong and Vang Xiong

Main & Main Investments, LLC.
2550 Lakewest Drive, Suite 50, Chico
Main & Main Investments, LLc.

Mindful Living Programs
No. 6 Governors Lane, Suite A, Chico
Steven H. Flowers and Bob Stahl

New Generation Tanning Salon
5311 Skyway, Paradise
Bruce A. Molinoli and Debra Molinoli

North Valley Brava Center
101 West second Ave., Chico
Sara Jane Creech

Organic Home Pest Prevention
13 Trieste Way, Chico
Christine Weston and Stephen L. Weston

Precision Window Cleaning
14 Avery Court, Oroville
Larry Depue

Red Rocket Design
1149 Olive St., Chico
Wesley Locial Roebuck

Ross Repair
6195 Upper Palermo Road, Oroville
James Donald Ross

Salvador Nutrition
1459 East Lassen No. 30, Chico
Vance Salvadore

Software Prints
3332 12th Ave., Chico
Colleen Maria Phipps

1024 Gateway Lane, Chico
Steven P. Frediani and Teresa R. Frediani

1450 Springfield Drive No. 1, Chico
Michael Babcock

Viand Vendors Ltd.
6218 Joplin Court, Magalia
Alberta V. Drennan and Gene L. Drennan