Fictitious Business Names - May 31, 2001

For information on fictitious business records, check with the Butte County Clerk’sOffice.
Bronze Buns
206 Walnut Suite C, Chico
Richard Stein

Tuscan Ridge Winery
11078 Butte Creek Island, Chico
Chad Wemple

Abacus Medical Management
1025 High St., Oroville
Anne Marie Barrett, Gloria Jean McDonald and Cherry Orman

Autobody Specialists
2961 Hwy. 32 No. 35, Chico
Katie Youra and Rick Youra

D & D Unlimited
88 West Sutter Road, Paradise
Darren Charles Holden and Dolores Michelle Holden

Abacus Technology
811 West First Avenue No. 1, Chico
Michael Yee Dart Yeung

1536 Boyden Lane, Paradise
John Alan Gardner

Stony Creek Pest Control
1336 Downing Ave., Chico
Jeffrey Gilbert Dunn

5657 Clark Road, Paradise
Victoria C. Laub

Chippewa Pest Control
6025 Hazel Way, Paradise
Thomas Atkinson

Picket Fence Silkscreening
671 Madrone Way, Paradise
Sonja Fran Wallace

Connie and Mary
648 West First Ave., Chico
Olivia Villanueva

Fence Post Enterprises
39 Vista Village Drive, Paradise
Charlotte King

Day Wireless Systems
121 West 16th St., Chico
Mobile Radio Engineers, L.L.C.

Kelly’s Old Magalia Inn
13709 Old Skyway, Magalia
Kelly Ann Blacketer

Little Bits
1929 Esplanade, Chico
Jessica D. McNutly

Carl’s Handyman Business
720 Walker St., Orland
Carl C. Clark

Just A Stooge
13495 Auroa Court, Magalia
Carol Lee Brennan and Robert Michael Danyus

See Thru Window Cleaning
11486 Chailair Road, Yankee Hill
Eric Leppanen

Blest Heart Florist
130 Pearson Road, Paradise
Joan L. Wagner and Lawrence A. Wagner

Tri Star Medical Billing Services
740 Vermont St., Gridley
Penny Loudermilk and Stephanie Sparks

Kinetics Performing Arts Center
884 Lorinda Lane, Chico
Hayley Horn-Demello

Maco Auto Painting & Body Works
2304 Park Avenue, Chico
Master Auto Paint Inc.

Bluesky Treasures
5280 Pentz Road No. 21, Paradise
Lyn M. Dean and Donald Mills

Farmer’s Choice
418 Ivy St., Suite 1, Chico
Wayne Renner