Fictitious Business Names - August 2, 2001

For information on fictitious business records, check with the Butte County Clerk’sOffice.

Associated Billing Solutions
2615 Navarro Drive, Chico
Julio Enrique Santiago

Shooters Trackside Pub & Grub
2021 Baldwin Ave., Oroville
Curt Allen Tillman

Hungry Hippie Hot Dogs
655 East Ave., Apt.E, Chico
Steve G. Myers

Wallis Wood Works
1218 Nunneley Road, Paradise
Suzanne Conoloy and Paul W. Wallis

Bidwell Bridge Studio
485 East Ave. B, Chico
Clive A. Frazier and Fay L. Frazier

The Eagle’s Golden Touch
2319 Moyer Way, Chico
David R. Almo

Flight Link, Inc.
275 Fairchild Ave. Suite 100-B, Chico
Jill Henkenius

Spot’s Pet Sitting
145 Hampshire Drive, Chico
Jodi Marie Roebuck

Russell, Gallaway Associates
660 Manzanita Court Suite 4, Chico
Matthew Bruce Gallaway and Donald Glen Russell

Little Caesars Pizza
2260 Oro Dam Blvd. Suite A, Oroville
Baljinder Singh

Pizza Face
128 West Second St., Chico
Daniel J. Nyhof

Barton’s Day Care Center
645 Pomona Ave., Oroville
Karen Murrish and Michael Murrish

Critter Care Kennel
5260 Miocene Circle, Paradise
Elizabeth L. Granger and John Sterling Marek

1434 Powell Lane, Paradise
Rebecca Goldsmith and William Goldsmith

14150 Citadel Way, Magalia
Rexene G. Collier and Roy J. James

Wild Mountain Partnership
4400 Pine Cluster Lane, Oroville
Warner M. Adkins, Michael S. Ashlock, Mark T. Hooper, Mary Bernice Jarschke, Laurel Amy Paulson-Pierce, Wayne Lee Pierce, Sarah E. Salisbury and Marvin Wesley Wiseley

Vanessa Andrews Studios
5050 Cohasset Road Suite 60, Chico
Aubrey M. Green

Chico Top Imports
1177 Park Ave., Chico
Bahram Kiassat

Western Tool Supply
455 East 20th St. Suite 10, Chico
Western Supply Corp.

Chico Auto Dismantling
397 East Park Ave., Chico
Jerome Michael Johnson

Nordic Star
183 East Fourth Ave., Chico
Olli Auvinen and James D. Moore

The Perfect Gift Basket
2145 Park Ave. No. 1, Chico
Judy Barnes

Monterey Bay Coatings
66 Apache Circle, Oroville
Jeffrey Parkhouse

PMS Soap
3220 Oro Bangor Hwy, Oroville
Paula Davis

Doon Grade Ranch
16101 Doon Grade Road, Magalia
Dalia Mathan-Thomas and Gordon C. Thomas

Sunburn Solar
15249 Forest Ranch Way, Forest Ranch
Richard Timothy Byrne

Amazon Painting
6255 Oliver Road, Paradise
Stephanie Nixon and Debbie Wilson

Mad Dog Surplus
2775 Grape Way, Chico
Eddie Dean and Dutch L. Padgett

North Valley Asthma and Allergy Medical Center
251 Cohasset Road Suite No. 310, Chico
Rahmat Afrasiabi

80 Cortina Drive, Chico
Joseph J. Ettinger

SOS Maintenance
3 Stoney Point Way, Chico
Marc Joseph Turkel

Raceprep Engineering
3880 Benetar Way Suite 2, Chico
Wyatt George Leras