Fat Beats Compilation

This might be one of the best rap compilations I’ve heard in years (not much of a mean feat, I guess). As one of the hottest names in underground rap, Fat Beats Records of Brooklyn follows up the success of its first compilation with this latest mix of old and new school superstars, including exclusive tracks from the likes of Atmosphere (the catchy “My Songs” with sunshiny, ‘70s soul music sample on the chorus), Lootpack’s Wildchild, Evidence, DJ Premier, Alchemist, J-Zone, Just Ice (featuring Big Daddy Kane) and a lot more.

One thing’s for sure—the name of the company is apt; rarely have I heard such fat, bass-heavy beats, funky samples, slick turntable skills and mad MC skills. Most of these artists explore the more creative side of hip-hop, without becoming bogged down in testicle inflation or pseudo gangster poses. Instead, they’re more concerned with vocal flow, realistic imagery, some humor and, always, fat beats. The company has definitely made a name for itself, not only as one of the top distributors of hip-hop vinyl with global locations, but also by culling some of the best talent out there, as this comp demonstrates.

This disc also includes some classic underground recordings previously only available on 12" vinyl, such as East Flatbush Project’s "Tried by Twelve" and "Filthy" by Encore, featuring Evidence and DJ Babu.