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Four more local bands to watch

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Team Skins

For a band that plays such complicated music, the three friends who make up instrumental trio Team Skins—guitarist/vocalist Mathew Houghton, bassist Rob Knopp and drummer Michael Nalin—have created an elegantly simple stage show: They take their shirts off. That’s it. The stripped down presentation makes way for a dizzying musical circus act—a loose and wild version of post-punk math rock that you have to see to believe your ears. And even in person, it’s pretty unbelievable. With just a couple of teaser tracks online, the band is currently recording an album produced by Chris Conley (Saves the Day) and drummer/Winchester Goose owner Rob Rasner, and preparing for a June tour with brothers-in-odd-time-signatures The Americas. Next show: 1078 CAMMIES Blowout Sale, April 15, 6 p.m., 1078 Gallery.


Down the Well

Down the Well is the new project of Linda and JP Bergmann, the married former singer and drummer, respectively, for long-running Chico alt-rockers Furlough Fridays. The sound of the new four-piece—rounded out by guitarist Abe Nesbitt and bassist Tommy Fogg—is a departure from the full-throttle ’90s-inspired power-pop of their previous band toward a more mid-tempo, stilly grungy, but also fiery psychedelic guitar-heavy sound. The debut EP, Never Bitten, drops April 22, with a release show at the Maltese Bar & Tap Room.



Outside of its longstanding EDM scene, Chico has yet to catch up the with rest of the world in making electronic-based music. But there are few signs that things just may be beginning to change, with established electro-indie band Solar Estates, bedroom electro-pop songsmith Kirt Lind, and the solo recordings of SCOUT, aka 22-year-old Scout Parker. Against a backdrop of chill, bass-heavy, electronic compositions with occasional acoustic instrumentation, SCOUT’s lush, haunting vocals are mesmerizing. With one album (Nervous) and an amazing single (“Serious”) under her belt, SCOUT is just starting to take her act to local stages. Next up: An opening spot on The Americas and TV Heads show at Café Coda, April 14, and CAMMIES Finale & Awards Show, April 23, at Patrick Ranch.


Legit Supreme

With The Pageant Dads out of the picture (for the time being at least), in Chico the genre of “comedy band” is a genre of one. The Legit Supreme duo, Kyle Barram and Scott Day, have become the torch bearers of making people laugh with guitars (and basses and keyboards) in their hands. Regulars at Maltese open mics—including especially the weekly Hank Duke’s Good Time Variety Hour—the two sing about sex, rolling up to the club on their bikes and celebrating your birthday by picturing the ones who made you making love. Ha!