Everybody’s business

Hut one, Hut two, Hut three
Look for a third Burger Hut location, planned for North Chico, early this summer.

“We’re pretty excited about being on the north side of town,” said co-owner Rick Kusie, who just signed papers for a building in the new La Dolce Piazza developed by Andy Meghdadi at Lassen and Cohasset avenues.

“We’ve repeatedly been asked by people when we’re going to build something on the north part of town,” Kusie said. “We’ve been kicking the idea around for awhile.” He added the Meghdadi actually sought out Burger Hut to locate there.

Jim and Priscilla Williams started Burger Hut at the Nord location back in 1978, expanding to a second restaurant on Forest Avenue in 2000. They also have a Hut in Yuba City.

Kusie is the Williams’ son-in-law, married to their daughter, Erin.

Miracle on Park Ave.
Mike Massey, who has owned Miracle Auto Painting & Body Repair in Chico for 25 years, has moved the business from its Dominic Drive location to 2304 Park Ave. Massey bought the building, which was formerly home to a Maaco franchise, closing escrow on Jan. 27 and moving in three days later.

Congrats to Massey, who specializes in full-service body repair, including “affordable, quality complete paint jobs.”

Also on Park Ave…
If you happen to be in the market for property on Park Avenue, there’s a couple of parcels zoned commercial up for sale right now: 1900 Park Ave. ($695,000; ARC Trading Co. is located there) and 1645 Park Ave. ($875,000; includes gas station.)

Also, if gas stations are your bag, the Texaco at 2269 Nord Ave., the one with the airplane sticking out of the top of it, is also for sale. Snap it up for $799,000.

Sir Speedy
Speedy Burrito has a new owner. Congrats to Julio Soto, who bought the longtime business at 1031 Nord Ave. from Frank Condon.

The winnerz—not
My contest, in which CN&R readers were asked to hunt down examples of poor grammar, misspellings and just plain errors on public display drew a fair number of nerds after my own heart.

I disqualified one cheeky fellow for calling attention to a syntax error in this column.

One guy, who signed his postcard simply “Tom,” was apparently too modest to offer up a last name. He cringed at the “We got kegs!” sign at Cash & Carry. I’m getting a little nauseated thinking about it myself. (Did you know that you shouldn’t say you’re “nauseous”? That means you make others feel nauseated. Nerd.) “Tom” also noted a carpet store selling “remenants” and a psychic offering Spanish-speaking clients the service of an “espitualista.” (Sounds germy.)

Another reader noticed a real estate listing for a house as seen in “Sunset Magazene.” Now, real estate listings and spelling—that’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Play fair.

And someone else who signed an e-mail “your friendly kurmudgeon” gets “a twinge of amusement” when he sees the redundant “BPOE Elks” sign in Paradise (The “E” is for Elks, folks—kind of like ATM machine.)

So, in the absence of a clear, identifiable winner, I’m going to keep the contest open indefinitely. Keep ’em comin’.